Top 7 General Essay Writing Tips

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How to write a good essay? Essay writing is an art, a technique that requires you to pay attention to the topic, collect relevant information, create a good thesis statement, and write the content that speaks of itself about your credibility and intelligence. It does not matter if you are a good writer; what matters is how you plan and organize the thing and how much time you spend to write a quality essay.

What makes a good essay? Some of the tips are mentioned below to ease your work.

1. Know all about Your Question

How to determine the essays to write about? It may not be possible for you to find out what to write about and how to get started until or unless you are not sure about your research question. In simple words, we can say that you should find a suitable topic to write about and research properly to know how the content related to this topic needs to be written. Without these elements, you will never come up with a top-notch essay.

2. Start Planning

Once the topic or the research question is clear to you, the next step is to start the planning. How to start an essay and how to do the planning? Well, it all begins with your creative writing skills and mental capabilities. If you are a sharp-minded person, then it won’t take you a lot of time to plan the essay. Ideally, you can create a short outline of the essay and mention all the headings in it to have an idea of what you should write in the paper.

3. Add Critical Thinking

If you go through some essay examples, you will get to know that writers and proficient students always add critically thinking questions in their papers. It is what you have to do; if you will keep writing the essay without adding the critical thinking elements, then you may never be able to achieve success. That is why you should always add critical analysis or in-depth evaluation of the topic and make sure you support your arguments with evidence-based examples to leave a good impression on the teacher.

4. Clear and Logical Structure

One of the major mistakes students make is that they do not insert logical details to their papers and keep writing the content generically, which is not a good idea at all. If you are looking to achieve success in the class and want to please the teacher, then adding logical details and making the paper look structured are integral. For instance, if your topic is related to the role of nurses in our life, then you should not write the topic without providing enough examples and without supporting your arguments with scholarly articles or quotes from the book. In other words, we can say that you will have to write the essay in a way that makes it look unique, informative and logical. You may check the topics to write about on the web to have a clearer idea of that.

5. Deep Research

What is an essay? It’s safe to say that deep research is required in order to come up with a high-quality paper. You can go through the verifiable sources and research-based articles, and then include them in your paper in the form of references. It is a part of the research process that guarantees good marks in the exams. There are times when students begin writing all of a sudden and do not bother themselves to collect data from relevant sources. If you do the same thing, then you will never be able to support your arguments using logical and verifiable examples and may end up getting the poor marks.

6. Phrases and Quotations

There are times when students avoid inserting quotes and phrases in their papers considering that these will waste their number of words and will show copied. How long is an essay? Once you are clear about the length of the essay, the next step is to decide how many quotes should be inserted. For example, if the essay is 1000-words long, then inserting one to two quotes is not a big issue. However, if your teacher has asked you to not insert any quote or phrases, you can choose to skip them to avoid any plagiarism issue. Please remember that phrases and quotes make the essays look great and allow you to support your ideas and thoughts with logical and verifiable content. Do not forget to cite and reference the quotes and phrases.

7. Think of the Conclusion

A big mistake you may make is that you avoid writing the conclusion. If it is so, then you will never be able to engage the audience for long. Thus, thinking of the conclusion and crafting it well is integral. You should pay attention to all important points of the essay and ensure that the conclusion part consists of the short story of the essay as well as questions related to it.

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