Top Chinese Whistleblower Exposes COVID-19 As An Unrestricted Warfare Bioweapon

Aug 31, 2021 by

Dr. Li-Meng Yan joins Alex Jones live via Skype to call out the evil strategies of biowarfare and misinformation campaigns launched by the Chinese Communist Party as she continues to expose China from her position as a former research insider.
Coronavirus intentionally released, Chinese govt leading misinformation  campaign: Dr Le-Meng Yan| Interview - Coronavirus Outbreak News

Persecuted virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan joined The Alex Jones Show on Monday to explain how the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) released COVID-19 upon the world to consolidate global power.

Dr. Yan explained that COVID-19 is a product of the PLA’s “Unrestricted Bioweapons” program that was released worldwide from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“Unrestricted means…no constraints, no consideration of humanity. So China’s unrestricted strategies not only apply to bioweapons. COVID-19 is an unrestricted bioweapon,” Dr. Yan told Jones, adding China also engages in asymmetrical information warfare like censorship to shape the COVID narrative.

“They are not happy with me and the Chinese government isn’t happy with me, that’s why they’re hunting me and they’re using propaganda to smear me to describe me as some liar which is very hilarious,” she said.

“But I have evidence,” she continued. “I have shown the scientific and intelligence evidence here.”

Dr. Yan explained that she was the first “insider” scientist who came forward on January 19, 2020 to warn about the COVID pandemic caused by the CCP’s bioweapons program.

“At that time I’m the only person who told it to the world, and China knows I’m the insider, because I told the world human-to-human transmission exists and also that this is not from the seafood market. There is no animal intermediate host,” Dr. Yan said.

“And also that day, nineteenth of January last year, I told people that this is a product from the Chinese military lab by gain-of-function engineering. It’s not from some bat somewhere in China. It is hatched by the PLA and then modified with a lot of gain of function modifications, which still need study because we don’t know how many functions are hidden in this virus.”

Dr. Yan said that U.S. lawmakers must quickly address the CCP’s two-pronged biological and information attack against America and the world.

“They need to understand that misinformation is another arm for this novel, nontraditional bioweapon,” she said. “Together, this is the CCP’s unrestricted strategies to change America, to control America, and also control the world.

“You don’t have much time. You have to understand how evil the CCP is and not listen to them, not trust them, and you have to defend and protect America and your next generation,” Dr. Yan added.

Meanwhile, the CCP is blaming America for the release of the coronavirus from Wuhan as part of its misinformation campaign to obfuscate the true origins of COVID-19.

Source: Exclusive: Top Chinese Whistleblower Exposes COVID-19 As An Unrestricted Warfare Bioweapon

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