Top GOP leader says school choice will be ‘reality’ for all within 10 years

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PHILADELPHIA – On Monday,  U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor used a seemingly routine address to a group of charter school students to make national headlines.

Speaking to a packed gymnasium at Freire Charter High School, Cantor boldly predicted that all American families will have the right to choose which school their children attend “within 10 years,” reports ball

“Because the arc of moral history bends towards justice, because education opportunity is growing throughout the country, because there is no good argument for denying parents the best possible education for their child, and because of the successes I see in this room at this school, within 10 years, education opportunity and school choice will be a reality for every student in America,” Cantor said, according to the Washington Post.

The Republican leader wasn’t finished making bold proclamations. Cantor also promised that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives will do everything in its power to force U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder into dropping the federal government’s lawsuit against Louisiana’s school voucher program.

Holder’s Justice Department argues the 2012 voucher law – which gives private school scholarships to low-income students from failing or subpar schools – is jeopardizing the racial integration of some historically segregated schools.

Cantor expressed dismay at Holder’s reasoning.

“This argument is frankly absurd. The truth is – an overwhelming majority of the students who receive the scholarships and benefit from this program are minority children from low-income families. As participants in the scholarship program, these students attend better schools and demonstrate real progress. Why would the Justice Department want to stop these kids from realizing this kind of opportunity?” Cantor asked.

He also issued this warning: “If the Attorney General does not withdraw this suit, then the United States House will act. We will leave no stone unturned in holding him accountable for this decision.”

Cantor became the latest high-profile Republican to publicly criticize the lawsuit. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has charged Holder with attempting to “trap … children in failing schools.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is also demanding Holder drop the lawsuit, calling it “purely political.”

The case is expected to be heard this month by Federal District Judge Ivan Lemelle, reports Mike Hasten of

Top GOP leader says school choice will be ‘reality’ for all within 10 years – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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