Top Grads From Inner City High Schools Often Aren’t Prepared for College

Jun 21, 2013 by

The Washington Post reports that many to graduates, including valedictorians, of Washington D.C.’s troubled public high schools find that they aren’t well prepared to handle the work at the nation’s top colleges:

Past valedictorians of low-performing District high schools say their own transitions to college were eye-opening and at times ego-shattering, filled with revelations that — despite taking their public schools’ most difficult classes and acing them — they were not equipped to excel at the nation’s top colleges.

When these students arrived on campuses filled with students from high-flying suburban public schools and posh privates, they found a world vastly different from the one they knew in their urban high schools.

For Sache Collier, it meant writing her first research paper. For Darryl Robinson, it meant realizing that professors expected original ideas, not just regurgitated facts. For Angelica Wardell, who grew up going to school almost exclusively with African American students, it meant taking classes with whites and Asians.

And for many top D.C. graduates, it meant discarding the idea that school is easy…

Read the full story here.

Top Grads From Inner City High Schools Often Aren’t Prepared for College.

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