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Building your own website, especially for business purposes, is no easy feat. It is a complicated process that requires the need to consider user experience, contents, speed, and security, among other things. It should be designed in such a way that it can attract attention and will be easy to navigate.

If you need a website, you can ask for a helping hand from the pros. Experienced designers can come up with a website that can effectively arouse the attention of your target market. However, their services are often expensive. Especially if you are a small business, you will most probably not have much budget to hire someone to design a website for you.

Fortunately, there are now platforms that will allow you to build your own website from scratch, including those that will be briefly mentioned in this post. Whether it is for a personal blog or an e-commerce store, among others, these will offer the perfect platforms for creating an online presence.    


The list of the best platforms for building a website will be incomplete without a mention of WordPress. It is capable of building almost every style of a website for any purpose, even a full-featured e-commerce store.

WordPress offers a long list of features that will make it easy for almost anyone to create a website anytime and anywhere. There are multiple plans that are available regardless of your budget. It is free to get started but to be able to enjoy updated features, such as your own domain name, you have to choose from one of their paid plans. There are tons of themes available, including those that are already mobile-friendly. Best of all, you can also take advantage of search engine optimization tools to make sure of your website’s high rankings!

According to WordPress itself, some of the most popular users of their platform include The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, Sony, Tech Crunch, and Mashable, among others.


The Volusion ecommerce platform is another popular option for those who want to build their own website. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that it is designed specifically for those who wish to create an online store.

Ease of use is perhaps the top reason why you might want to consider using Volusion. You can also easily preview the website and make the necessary modifications to suit your needs and preferences. There are more than 15 free templates that are available, all of which are designed with online shoppers in mind. With the latter, you can have the guarantee that your customers will achieve the highest level of satisfaction when they shop.

Volusion offers four plans to suit your budget. You can choose from Mini, Pro, Plus, and Premium, all of which will be billed annually. They differ in terms of the bandwidth, themes, and support, among other things.

A lot of the users of this ecommerce platform have also praised how there are over 50 payment channels that are available, providing customers with the option to pay via different gateways.


With an intuitive interface for building a website, this is another option that should not be missed in your list. There is an option to use it for free,although the paid subscriptions are recommended to make the most out of the website you are creating. There are also hundreds of templates available to suit individual needs.

 Wix has a drag-and-drop service, which is the reason why it ranks high in terms of being user-friendly. This allows you to choose the specific elements that you like, such as image and texts. After choosing, you can drag it and drop on the specific part of the website where you want it to be seen.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this website, however, is the lack of a built-in feature for statistical analysis, which makes it a challenge to monitor performance.


Compared to the other options offering a free version of their website building services, Duda is not as restricted, making it a great pick. The free plan does not put a limit on the number of sites and pages. There are also no bandwidth restrictions. If you want to lose the ads and use your own domain name, however, you should update to their paid plans.

With Duda, you can choose from their almost a hundred attractive and modern templates depending on the personality of the website that you wish to build. The templates are sorted out based on themes. Also, once you click on the desired template, you can easily see how it looks like in a mobile device or desktop. The colors and the fonts can also be customized as you wish.

For building an ecommerce store, Duda offers a full-scale sales system,including shopping carts. You can also plug PayPal as one of the main modes of payment for your online shop.


For a powerful but user-friendly website builder, Weebly is one that should be on your radar. Similar to most of the platforms for creating a website, there is an option for a free plan. The latter has 500 MB of storage. For a website free of ads and with more design and customization options,choose from their Starter, Pro, or Business plans.

Weebly takes pride in having more than 40 million global users, which should already compel you to have it chosen over others. They have powerful design tools that are easy to access even for novices.

Many of those who have already used Weebly in the past were also happy with the fast load speed and top-notch security. You can be assured that your website will be secured from external threats. Plus, because it will load fast,the users will not have a hard time navigating from one page to another.

In sum, if you have always dreamt of building your own website, now is the time to make that vision a reality. You do not need to work with an experienced website designer. You can do things on your own using the intuitive platforms that have been mentioned above!

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