Top teachers share secrets

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Common attributes emerge among previous award-winners

Stop and take a moment to remember the best teacher you ever had. If you are lucky enough to identify someone, what qualities did that person have?

Maybe she told you she believed in you when nobody else did. Maybe his classroom door was always open during lunch break for explanations and re-explanations about those tricky problem sets. Maybe it was something about her cheesy jokes. Or the way he didn’t take bull from bullies. Or how the criticism was tough, but never humiliating.

Every year, the San Diego County Office of Education celebrates great teaching by choosing five winners from among the county’s 26,000 public school teachers and naming them Teachers of the Year.

The five this year have individual qualities that make them outstanding educators. But what exactly does that mean?

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    Years ago don’t matter. Today the more Marxist and LIBERAL a teacher is,the more accolades they get from the “system”. If I would state the attributes of “honesty”, “integrity” or “sense of humor”, they’d happily applaud those attributes BUT the recipient would apply those attributes to their LIBERAL MARXIST AGENDA. It is the CORE VALUES of a person that are being ignored. In other words, those attribute would be focused on to further INDOCTRINATE and PERSUADE students to their twisted worldview.

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