Top Tips For Finding Affordable Car Insurance For Students

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Car insurance for college students is not difficult to find, but it can be difficult to find on the cheap.

An eighteen year old who is added to a married couple’s policy will typically add around $120 a month at least, if not more. For most insurance plans, that would be more than the married couple’s insurance policies together. You can see now how and why many parents dread the day their son or daughter graduates from high school and heads off to college.

The reason why the auto insurance policies of college students is almost always higher is because of many different factors, including how far the college is from their home, whether they are allowed to bring the vehicle with them, whether they will remain on the insurance policy of their parents or get an entirely new one, and the specific make and model of vehicle that they are driving.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different ways to find affordable car insurance for students especially 1 day insurance, so you don’t have to relegate yourself to being forced to pay more.

Here are the top tips for finding affordable car insurance for students:

Remain On Your Parents’ Policy

It will almost always be cheaper for you a college student to remain on the insurance policy of their parents rather than starting their own policy. Most auto insurance companies will permit a colleges student to remain on their parent’s policy, but only for as long as that student’s official residence is at the same address as their parents

The reason why remaining on your parent’s driving policy will likely be less money is because you will benefit from established credit and driving records, and you’ll get a discount for having several drivers on the same policy as well.

Also, if your parents live in a more rural area, the cost of auto insurance will almost always be less than when living out in a suburban or more urbanized area.

Check For Discounts

It may seem like the most obvious step for finding affordable student car insurance, but you should definitely look for good student discounts that exist with any of the auto insurance companies. Whether any discounts are available with any company will likely be dependent on your state of residence.

In the end, looking for student discounts can be one of the very simplest ways to save money on an auto insurance policy.

Reconsider Bringing Your Vehicle To College Campus

There are many auto insurance companies that will offer discounts to students who do not bring their vehicles to college and who will be going to college more than a hundred miles away from home. This will enable the student to avoid a coverage lapse, while simultaneously paying a lot less than if they were to actually bring their vehicle to campus.

The reason that insurance companies offer this discount is because the risk of the student being in an auto accident or getting a ticket, both of which would cause an increase in premiums, drops down considerably.

Choose Per Mile Insurance

Per mile insurance means that you will pay a monthly base ride and a per mile charge, so the less that you drive overall, the less money that you will pay in premiums. Miles will be tracked via a mobile app or a device that is plugged into the diagnostic port of your car. This will be a good option if you have access to public transportation and therefore do not need to drive as much.

Most insurance companies that offer this kind of a discount will keep you a break if you travel over a certain number of miles, such as a hundred and fifty or two hundred and fifty miles, in a single day. Most auto insurance companies such as Nationwide and Allstate offer a policy similar to this.

Getting Affordable Car Insurance For Students

As you can hopefully see, you don’t have to pay a fortune in car insurance for students because you have many different options available for keeping costs as low as possible.

Looking for discounts, choosing a per mile insurance policy, remaining on your parent’s insurance, and not bringing your vehicle to the site of the college campus will be the best ways to save money on student auto insurance.

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