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Wondering how to write a speech that will be effective and persuasive? Everyone may need to write and deliver a speech at least once in his/her life. If you lack experience, this task may seem really daunting. But there is no need to worry. Speech writing is a skill and, like other skills, it can be learned too. A good speech can be easier to write than you think if you learn the secrets of experienced speech writers and follow them. Keep reading to learn how to write a speech that can win you a crowd.

Persuade Your Audience with a Classic Structure

If you want to persuade someone to do something, you can use the classic speech structure. In the first part of your speech, you state the problem. In the second part of your speech, you need to offer the solution and tell your audience how we can fix the problem and improve the situation. It will be easier to convince people to share your point of view if you use facts or statistics. Always use transitions between your examples to help your audience follow your logic.

Pick Your Main Ideas

Don’t put too much information or too many details in your speech. When you deliver a speech, you have a certain time limit. So you shouldn’t include many different ideas in your speech because your listeners will not be able to remember much. Choose one or two ideas to develop your speech.

Write as You Speak

Remember that you are writing a speech and not a college essay. When writing a speech, you should use a different approach because your audience will listen to your speech and not read it. When people read something and don’t understand it, they can reread that. But they can’t do it when they listen to a speech. That’s why you should make it sound more conversational. You can do it in a number of ways.

  • Don’t use big words that are commonly used in writing. Try to find short synonyms that are typically used in a conversational style.
  • Write your speech using simple sentences. It’s always better to use 2 short sentences that one long complex sentence that is difficult to understand.
  • Don’t use acronyms or jargon when speaking to a general audience. Always define the terms you use in your speech.
  • Use contractions. It’s better to say “I’m” than “I am”.
  • In a conversational style, you don’t have to strictly follow the rules of English grammar, for example, you can use fragments. In a speech, people don’t speak in complete sentences with verbs and nouns.
  • Use concrete words and simple examples to get your audience interested. Avoid vague sentences.

Test Everything

When you have written the first draft of your speech, read it aloud to hear how it sounds and simplify it by cutting the unnecessary words. In this way, you can make your points clear to your audience. Make improvements in the text of your speech. When the final draft is ready, practice reading your speech several times to feel more comfortable with its material. You can also try out your speech on your friend to see how it works and what parts are the most powerful.

Are you still not sure that you can cope with creating a speech on your own? Need professional help with writing a powerful speech or other types of college assignments? Lots of students struggle with their writing and many of them prefer to hire experienced writers from one of the reliable online speech writing companies. Their experts are always ready to help you complete any written task.

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