Total Loss Auto Accidents

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Many of us have been in a fender bender or two. If we’re lucky, we can exchange insurance information, and then drive our car away from the scene. In some states and cities, you don’t even have to call the police if there’s a car accident with no injuries and only minor vehicle damage– although it never hurts to give the non-emergency line a call anyway, just to be safe. However, sometimes we’re not as lucky, and the damage to our car is significant. Obviously, significant damage to our vehicle is better than significant damage to our body, but it’s still far from ideal. If a wreck is bad enough, it could lead to your car being totaled.

Calling Your Insurance

If there are any injuries, they must be attended first. Don’t worry about not being able to pay your medical bills right now; just get to the hospital, and get treatment if you need it. If an ambulance responds to the accident, but you aren’t sure if you’re really hurt, at least let the paramedics give you an initial examination. Then, you can go from there. Some injuries like whiplash may not be noticeable until later, so make sure to go see a doctor right away if something like that develops.

Once that’s taken care of, call your auto insurance company. If possible, call them from the accident scene, since you’re going to need their help in the coming days and weeks. The damage to your car may not always be visible, but if it’s looking pretty rough at the accident scene, then the odds of it being declared a total loss are better. Roughly speaking, the odds of your car being declared a total loss are about one in seven. What do we mean by “total loss?” That means the insurance company decided that the cost of fixing your car is too high, compared to the car’s current market worth. The newer the car, the more likely it is that the insurance company will decide it can be fixed. However, that’s not an absolutely hard rule, especially if your car just got mowed down by an 18-wheeler going 70 mph on the freeway.

Paying for It

A newer car also means it’s a better idea for you have to comprehensive collision coverage, rather than just liability. If your car is eight or ten years old, liability coverage may be all you need, based on the value of the car. However, you don’t want to get into a wreck and lose a car that’s fresh off the new car lot. Gap insurance is also a good idea if you have a new car loan, and the insurance company decides that the car’s worth is less than the amount you owe your finance company.

If you’re still having trouble paying for costs associated with your auto accident, it may be time to consult an automobile accident attorney. They can determine if you have any further recourse against either your insurance company, or any other drivers involved in the wreck. Make sure to find a local attorney. That means someone who gets in an accident in Morris County, New Jersey, should look for an accident attorney in the Morristown, NJ, area. A good accident attorney won’t promise you the moon, but they will be able to tell you if you’ve been wronged in a way that’s worth pursuing in court.

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