Traveling, Teaching and Tutoring: Top Android Apps for Organized Educators

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For many teachers, the last thing they want to see is another phone going off in their classroom. Thought smartphones can be distracting for students, they can also be an incredible source of productivity and learning tools of thought.


Tablets and smartphone apps can be helpful either in the classroom or for teachers to stay organized. If you’re looking for ways to innovate in your classroom, keep up with a busy schedule and reach these kids, then there may be some apps that can help with all of that.


Applications for Personal Teaching Success


Let’s get the daily commute out of the way for school. You want to make sure you show up on time, don’t have any problems with the weather and know if you can take a lesson plan outside or stay inside for the day.


A weather app, is a simple application that will keep you in the know and be prepared. Just the simplistic notion of getting ready for the day and knowing what the weather will bring you can help, that’s especially true if you’re teaching science, gym or need to take the class outside for whatever reason.


Kids and students love games. What better way to reach the kids then to create a game out of the lesson plan. You want to keep it fun and not turn it into one of those games that barely qualifies as a game for the class.


Kahoot is a great app that can turn any old lesson into an exciting game. Kahoot will help you turn anything into a playable game.


All you have to do with an app like this is insert the questions and answers from a lesson plan and the app will do the rest. Many people don’t have the skills to go ahead and make their own game, so this is an important tool for them and their class.


Positive Reinforcement


A lot of the times, kids want to know that they’ve done a good job so that they’ll continue this behavior in the future. Seesaw is an app that tracks kid’s progress and then can be transferred directly to parents.


Students are able to store their best works and then post it like a kind of social media. Teachers are able to show what the child is good at and where they may lack. It’s both a fun and interactive way to keep on track of a child’s schooling through your teaching abilities.


Finally, Google has come out with another incredible tool for teachers to use. Google Apps for Education may already be in use at your school. It allows you to distribute assignments and then grade them through the app. It is a great organization skill that can be used in tandem with your other important Google software. The all in one comprehensive aspect of it is what makes it even more appealing for teachers.


There is a lot to keep track of, and these apps will do the trick to keep you organized.


This guest post was provided by Tom Colbel who has been teaching high school kids for over a decade. He writes education related articles, sharing his thoughts and tips with other educators.

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