Trending positive for campus speech

Jul 18, 2015 by

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is seeing a trend in higher education toward lifting restrictions on student speech.

Another university has obtained FIRE‘s coveted “green light” award. This time it was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which earned the group’s highest honor by eliminating all of its speech codes. The green-light rating means a school’s policies don’t “seriously imperil speech,” says the group’s website.

Azhar Majeed, director of legal and public advocacy for FIRE, says his group has been working with UNC over the past several months.

“In UNC Chapel Hill’s case, they had to revise a policy regulating student posters and flyers in the residence halls – and then they had one final speech code having to do with ‘disparaging’ speech,” he describes. “And really, it was just those two minor revisions that were necessary.”

UNC is the third university recognized this year by FIRE as a green-light institution, along with George Mason University and Purdue University.

“We’re seeing a positive trend this year in terms of universities earning green-light ratings,” adds Majeed. “We hope more will come in the rest of the year. And again, we hope that it’s a signal that colleges and universities are increasingly understanding their constitutional obligations.”

Overall, UNC becomes the 21st green-light institution in FIRE’s Spotlight database of over 400 colleges and universities – making it the only green-light school in the state of North Carolina.


Source: Trending positive for campus speech

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