Trent Dilfer’s journey, from Super Bowl to tragedy to high school coach

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Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer is ready to give back to the students of Lipscomb Academy as their new football coach. George Walker, Nashville Tennessean

NASHVILLE — He can be talking about winning the Super Bowl in 2001 as quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, or getting dumped a few weeks later by that team, or the improbable circumstances that led him to this new job as Lipscomb Academy’s football coach, or the darkest moments of his life, and it is all the same.

Trent Dilfer looks at you as if he’s peering into your soul. The intensity of his blue eyes is matched by a voice that says each sentence as if he can’t wait to get to the next one. This is how it was as Dilfer dissected the game of football for nine years on ESPN. This is how it will be every time he addresses his team – gobs of confidence, conviction and passion, with no wavering.

Dilfer, 46, sat recently in the pristine Lipscomb Academy weight room, which is part of $8 million in recent upgrades to the high school’s athletic facilities, and talked this way about his career. About a game he has loved since breaking down 16-millimeter film – projected onto a washing machine – as a kid with his father and coach in Aptos, Calif. About his wife, Cassandra, and trio of volleyball-star daughters. About his Christian faith.

He even talked this way about Trevin, the 5-year-old son he and Cassandra lost in 2003.

“Trevin to the Rescue,” Dilfer said, smiling, as he recalled the nickname Trevin favored as he ran around the house wearing a cape. “He was our peacemaker. He wanted peace in the family between his sisters and everyone, wanted to make sure no one was arguing. He just made every day fun and exciting. He loved to snuggle when his belly was full. He was the physical-closeness kid.”

Source: Trent Dilfer’s journey, from Super Bowl to tragedy to high school coach

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