Trojan horse primary barred Muslims from Easter classes, tribunal hears 

Dec 8, 2015 by

Birmingham city council withdrew legal backing for Adderley school over claims teaching assistants’ resignation letters were forged, tribunal told

A school at the centre of the “Trojan horse” allegations had its legal support withdrawn by Birmingham city council after an investigation suggested a series of resignation letters were forged, an employment tribunal has heard.

The tribunal, involving four staff at Adderley primary school in east Birmingham, also heard that the school drew up lists of Muslim pupils in each class who were not allowed to take part in Easter celebrations.

The four women, all teaching assistants at Adderley, are claiming unfair dismissal and say the school accepted forged resignation letters in their name in December 2012 despite their denials.

Allegations that the women forged the resignations to destabilise the headteacher, Rizvana Darr, were first made in the anonymous Trojan horse letter that emerged in late 2013, which claimed a city-wide plot involving Islamist hardliners was infiltrating schools in Birmingham.

In evidence given to the tribunal, it was revealed that Birmingham city council’s internal audit unit concluded the Adderley governors “should undertake further investigation before instituting possible disciplinary proceedings, if any against Mrs Darr”.

The audit report was commissioned in March 2013, after Birmingham council advised Adderley not to proceed against the four women and withdrew the school’s indemnity – meaning the council would not fund the school’s legal action or subsequent costs.

Source: Trojan horse primary barred Muslims from Easter classes, tribunal hears | Education | The Guardian

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