Truce with NY Post?

May 25, 2017 by

Let’s get real and admit that the Post’s hostility to public schools is driven by something other than an objective reckoning of the facts. And while we’re at it, let’s also ‘fess up to the sure-fire skepticism of most teachers about the Post’s cocksure skewered positions on education and  especially teacher unions.

What’s behind the Post’s editorial straitjacket? Who is paying in one form or another for its mock-righteous denunciations?  Have they sincerely-felt reasons for the animus or is it merely a business decision calculated to appeal to what they miscalculate as public sentiment?
Have newspaper owners the prerogative not only to advocate an interpretation but to recast the truth itself?

Thousands of consecutive stories about education in the Post have frontally or by innuendo hammered and slandered public schools and their staffs, parents, communities and defenders. No wonder the objects of the Post’s scorn are prone to mistrusting that ancient and once trustworthy paper.

But even in the absence of a change in hard-line ownership,  the Post’s staff writers and assignment editors are capable of judging the public schools fairly.  Even if they want to, they’re not allowed to on the job.  After all, these are intelligent folks. But in journalism,  when bosses say they want a a bitter tone and a damning narrative, you’d better comply.  Even attack-dogs must heel their editor.

If on their own time. they toured public schools at random, uninvited and unescorted and got to see the reality of teacher’s lives and what they’re up against, they’d be stunned and deeply moved. It would bear no relation to what they’d been reporting based on false evidence they were commanded to conjure.

But if they injected their veneration, or even a modicum of balance, into their assigned stories, their employer would scrub not only their stories, but their jobs. There is no wiggle-room for apostasy.

Ron Isaac

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