Trump criticizes Bush for supporting Common Core

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Public education made its first, brief appearance in Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate with an aside from Donald Trump during a back-and-forth over immigration with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

“He’s weak on immigration,” Trump said, “and, by the way in favor of Common Core, which is a disaster.”

Then the candidates went back to debating immigration.

Education also came up only briefly during last month’s GOP presidential debate, when Bush sparred with Sen. Marco Rubio over the Common Core academic standards.

Bush is a longtime supporter of the standards, a stance considered unacceptable by many conservatives who say it amounts to federal overreach into education. Asked last month to explain his support for the standards, Bush emphasized that he is not in favor of federal control over public schools.

Source: Trump criticizes Bush for supporting Common Core – The Washington Post

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    ronee groff

    At last, education has made it to a Presidential campaign. Time to open the conversation as it it one of the most important subjects of our time and should be respected as so. The transformation of our Public School System to essentially a move to make it a privatized system for some and the Public School System left in place for others, mainly the disabled and struggling learners either through genetics, poverty, accident, etc. and needing the resources and money not allocated or provided in the orivate system where there can be the rights to first refusal is a tampering of the future of our country through the manipulation of our children’s minds, potential,and politics beyond their own choice to obeyance and control. No longer
    a quiet change unobtrusive but a glaring intrusion of citizenry rights.

    There is almost nothing about Trump that speaks to his every being President but in this campaign mode he has thrown
    out subjects and topics of importance which could be otherwise deliberately left out and must be tackled for the importance of the people who are the most important taxpayer, the masses. They deserve to have this conversation explored and addressed with respect to how it can change our country and their children’s live in the future.

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