Trump Signs Executive Order to Kick the Feds Out of K-12 Education – Another “Make America Great Again” Promise

Apr 27, 2017 by

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. 

“Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education.” So ran the Washington Times headline after President Trump signed an executive order to review the overreach and begin the reining in of federal interference.

Does this really mean that we might get rid of ESSA and even the Department of Education?

Well, miracles do happen but getting rid of these freedom strangling monstrosities will not happen overnight.  It’s taken Progressives many decades – they have much more patience for the long haul than do conservatives — to stake these in place.  But then we have not had a President quite like Donald Trump who is already working miracles.

Considering that Secretary of State Betsy DeVos and her staff are Common Core advocates and are determined to carry out the unconstitutional ESSA to the letter of the law along with imposing federal school “choice” with government strings, this is sure to be a tug of war between Trump and the USDOE.

Overturning the illegal gutting of FERPA by the Obama administration that gives third parties access to the highly personal information of students as well as their families must also be a high priority for this 300 day review.

Another high priority is for Trump to tackle the unconstitutional legislation of Hillary and Bill that is killing the great American Experiment — namely, the workforce bills designed to turn our free enterprise economy into a Soviet-style centrally planned economy.

  • Goals 2000 set up a partnership between federal government and education to be implemented at the state leve.  This required national standards — Common Core — massive standardized testing, and data mining to build a workforce database.
  • School-to-Work (STW) set up an education/business partnership that changes the purpose of American education from acquiring knowledge to supplying workers for business. Students are forced to make career choices by the end of the 8th grade and study a narrowed curriculum.  Bureaucratic agencies are matching workers and jobs, deciding where workers will need to live.
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) set up a nationwide network of government workforce boards from business, education, and government to implement and manage the central system through local centers.


Dumping these three laws would get rid of the “Hillary Legacy” and save our kids from Common Core and data mining. And Uncle Sam would get out of our work lives.

Just accomplishing this short list is more than many U.S. presidents – at least those in recent history — have accomplished.

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    Great thoughts and questions, Dr. Carole. I have a few of my own, as well about the Executive Order. My biggest concern is IF the entire 300 days is used by DeVos and her team, that puts America in Feb. 2018, well into the 2017-18 school year, where ESSA is to be fully implemented.
    Here’s my take on the Order and DeVos’s blatant lie about CCSS being gone.

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