Trump: Texas lawsuit ‘the one everyone has been waiting for’

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voting machine with ballotsConservatives are praising the attorney general of Texas for challenging the 2020 presidential election results in four states where evidence has revealed widespread voter irregularities and fraud.

UPDATE: Missouri and 16 other states on Wednesday afternoon filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the Texas lawsuit (read below) aimed at delaying the appointment of presidential electors from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. (More details)

In a tweet this morning, President Donald Trump said it’s “the case that everyone has been waiting for….” In a lawsuit brought before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, Texas AG Ken Paxton alleges that Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring election laws, leading to a flood of ballots being dumped into the counting systems without safeguards. The filing alleges those states unlawfully enacted last-minute changes that were not approved by state legislatures, thereby circumventing the U.S. Constitution.


“The battleground states flooded their people with unlawful ballot applications and ballots while ignoring statutory requirements as to how they were received, evaluated, and counted,” Paxton states. He also accused the four states of not only tainting the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but those of Texas and every other state that held lawful elections.

Specifically, the lawsuit seeks to prevent legislators from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from participating in the Electoral College on December 14. Reportedly, officials from those four states have labeled the lawsuit a reckless attack on democracy – and legal experts have given it little chance of success.

The Supreme Court has ordered the four defendant states (which represent 62 electoral votes) to respond to Paxton’s claims no later than Thursday at 3 p.m. Once those responses have been received and digested, the Court will then decide whether to take Paxton’s suit under judicial review.

Conservatives on board with Paxton

“I’m very grateful to our attorney general for filing this because he is on the point of the spear as far as being able to get something to the U.S. Supreme Court that they can work with,” says Cathie Adams, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas who now serves as first vice president of Eagle Forum.


She is confident the high court will rule in favor of the Texas suit and nullify the certification of the four states for Joe Biden, sending the election to the House of Representatives.

“And the United States Supreme Court justices are going to need to say that this is a constitutional issue,” Adams tells One News Now. “This is not just [about] voting in one state – this is across the country. If we lose our First Amendment right of speech, which is voting, then what good is any election going to be in the future?”

Like Adams, Rob Chambers applauds the Texas AG for taking legal action and arguing that the four state have violated the U.S. Constitution.

“Ken Paxton is to be strongly commended for his great courage to stand up for what every state attorney general in the nation ought to be standing up and doing the very same thing,” says the vice president of AFA Action, the political arm of the American Family Association.


Chambers explains that it comes down to two choices: “What Ken Paxton is saying is either we have a U.S. Constitution in a federal democratic republic or we don’t. I don’t even see how the liberal justices can turn a blind eye to this because it is clear these states have violated the electoral clause within the U.S. Constitution.”

AFA Action has urged its supporters to contact their state’s attorney general and encourage him or her to join Paxton lawsuit against the defendant states. Newsmax TV reported Wednesday morning that several more states have joined in the Texas lawsuit since it was filed.

‘Principled leaders’ urged to honor the Constitution

The American Constitutional Rights Union is encouraging “principled leaders” across the U.S. to join Texas in the lawsuit as well.

“[This] lawsuit filed by Texas against Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is needed to protect the American electoral process from executive and judicial actions that usurp the constitutional powers of state legislators,” says ACRU policy board member Col. Allen B. West.

Another policy board member, Ken Blackwell, alludes to the improper use of the pandemic to influence the voting process – as well as the importance of state legislators performing their constitutional duty in setting election rules.


“Article II Section I of the Constitution provides neither governors nor state judiciaries with any authority to change voting protocols,” he points out. “We commend Texas for its action to reclaim its constitutional authority and urge legislative bodies nationwide to do the same. COVID does not change the Constitution and should not be used as a manipulative excuse to lessen vote integrity protections lawfully passed by state legislators.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump tweeted today he will be “intervening” in the Texas lawsuit – although it’s remains unclear what the president meant or whether it would be his presidential campaign or the U.S. Department of Justice that would take action.

Editor’s Note: AFA Action is a division of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates

Source: Trump: Texas lawsuit ‘the one everyone has been waiting for’

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