Trump, the Wily Coward

Jan 27, 2016 by

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“Trump, the Wily Coward”

By Donna Garner



Please forgive me for being wary of Donald Trump. His oft-used shenanigans have made me doubt almost everything that comes out of his mouth.  Here are my thoughts as to why Donald Trump decided to pull out of the Fox News Republican Debate scheduled for Jan. 28, 2016:


Point #1: Trump always wants to control the media flow and has strategically created “BREAKING NEWS” at exactly the right time throughout the entire Presidential campaign to keep the spotlight always on him.  By design, this has made it very difficult for the other candidates to have substantive discussions of the important issues of the day because most of the time, they have had to beat back the rumors, nuances, slurs, and personally vilifying attacks from Trump.


Point #2:  Trump is not a good debater because he does not know the facts.  His emotionally charged meanderings have looked very weak compared to Ted Cruz who is always fully apprised of the facts and is articulate in presenting them.  


Point #3:  Trump got word that Fox News and Google have invited three YouTube personalities to ask questions at the debate — One is an appealing looking Muslim woman who has likened Trump to Adolf Hitler.  Another is a beautiful young woman who immigrated to America at a young age and served in our armed forces in Iraq. Both young women would put Trump in the crosshairs on a national stage where he might not come off looking old and ineffectual.


Point #4:  Rather than take a chance, what did Trump decide to do? It could be that Trump decided the best way to escape possible embarrassment in the debate would be to accomplish three things in one fell swoop:  (1) The 69-year old Trump could avoid having to face the two young-and-popular You-Tube women who are sure to appeal to the national audience.  (2) Trump could also avoid having to face the brilliant and articulate Ted Cruz who is able to rely upon his amazing long-term memory and debate skills.  (3) Trump could force Fox News and Megyn Kelly into a position that makes him look like the victim and them look hard-nosed. (3) Trump could defray attention from the Fox News Debate by having countless photo ops with wounded veterans at a rally he has scheduled during the debate.


This is the Trump way – above all else to appeal to people’s emotions instead of conducting a well-reasoned Presidential campaign that educates the American public on the real issues of the day.


Without Trump’s presence at the debate, Ted Cruz will have even more time to lay out his plan to restore the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the conservative values that have made America the City Upon a Hill, offering hope to the entire world.   



Donna Garner

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