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“Trump’s Transparency by Twitter”

By Donna Garner


Because Pres. Trump is the President of the United States, he knows things first; and the wonderful thing is that he keeps the American people informed through his tweets. We no longer have to wait for the President’s actions and speeches to be put through the filter and interpretation of the news media. We can get the news directly from the President himself.

Here is the usual pattern: Trump tweets something; the leftist news media goes wild trying to prove he is inaccurate; and then they find out later that he was right. Because Trump “works at the speed of light,” the leftist media is nearly always a step behind; and then when they finally do figure out what is happening, they deliberately misreport his many accomplishments.  

America is indeed blessed to have a President who is living up to his promise to be open and transparent, and he carries out this promise through his frequent tweets.

FACT:  If you want to know what is going to happen or what is currently happening, you need to read Trump’s tweets!

Setting up a Twitter account is not hard, and they gather no more personal information than the many other apps and social media platforms do. Let’s face it. We lost the war against personally intrusive techie devices a long time ago when we started using Google products, iPhones, GPS, Hum, etc.  At least by signing up for Donald Trump’s tweets, the advantages of having direct contact between the President and the electorate outweigh any disadvantages.

I encourage all of you to read Pres. Trump’s tweets so that you will be a well-informed voter and citizen. Reading his tweets is the best way to be able to stay current and to rise above the outrageous lies put out by the fake news outlets.

What I encourage you NOT to do is to read tweets ABOUT Pres. Trump. Many of those come from the same leftist people who try to smear him in every way possible, including using Twitter.   

Donna Garner

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