Turning the west into a wasteland

Oct 2, 2015 by


THERE is no doubt that Western civilisation and the culture it embodies and safeguards are under threat.

Dr Kevin Donnelly –

Islamic terrorism, the impact of the culture wars and postmodernism, to name a few, are all conspiring to undermine certainties that have stood the test of time.

The violence, death and destruction associated with Islamic terrorism both overseas and on Australian soil not only represent a physical threat; the nihilistic and evil ideology underpinning terrorist acts like 9/11, the murder of Christians by Islamic State and the Sydney siege threaten democratic values and beliefs.

Apologists for those seeking to destroy our way of life refuse to acknowledge the true nature of Islamic terrorism, preferring to blame Western culture, supposedly, for excluding and marginalising disaffected groups whose only recourse is violence.

The cultural Left, instead of talking about the strengths and benefits of Western culture, engages in a narrative of self-recrimination and self-doubt. Whereas our universities and schools were once committed to the pursuit of what Matthew Arnold describes as “the best which has been thought and said”, the impact of deconstruction and postmodernism means there are no longer any truths that we can consider absolute.

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