Twitter absent from many conservatives’ ‘to do’ list

Oct 13, 2018 by

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Social media platforms are increasingly showing themselves to have a liberal bias – and conservatives are starting to notice.

Before the explosion of social media platforms, conservatives were being knocked around by the mainstream media. So when Facebook and Google went public some 16 years ago, says Dan Gainor of MRC TechWatch, “conservatives went online because we were being mistreated by traditional media. [We] moved with great vigor and resources to move online to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etcetera.”

But in its latest survey, MRC found that about half of conservatives now mistrust one of social media’s bedrocks: 49 percent say Twitter does not treat all of its users equally, regardless of their political beliefs.

Conservatives like Ben Shapiro and RNC chief Ronna McDaniel are reportedly seeing their tweets throttled. But at the same time, notes Gainor:

“You’ve got Hillary Clinton out there calling for incivility; she’s still on Twitter. You’ve got Hamas still on Twitter – yes, a terrorist organization has its own Twitter presence. You’ve got Louis Farrakhan. He said incredibly venomous anti-Semitic stuff and … he loses the coveted blue check mark.”

The MRC spokesman argues that the fix starts with the people who set the standards at Twitter.


“Twitter has a Trust and Safety Council that’s got groups like GLAAD and the ADL, which is run by a former Obama appointee and is wildly left-wing,” Gainor explains. “And when we tallied it back earlier this year, they had 12 liberal members on their Trust and Safety Council based in the U.S. [and] only one conservative member. It’s a setup.”

The MRC survey also found that more than half of conservatives surveyed (52%) were unwilling to even have an account on Twitter – suggesting that a fix in the bias might also be good for business.

Source: Twitter absent from many conservatives’ ‘to do’ list

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