Twitter campaign targets Gov. Pence on Common Core

Aug 31, 2014 by

Try as he might, Gov. Mike Pence just can’t shake the political fallout from the controversial Common Core academic standards.

Today, a Twitter campaign, organized by a national anti-Common Core group is aimed at Pence as he gives remarks on wasteful government spending at Americans for Prosperity’s 8th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Dallas. The summit is organized by the conservative group backed by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch and is seen as essential stop for those contemplating a run at the White House.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Twitter Rally Against Gov. Pence & Common Core

Hundreds of tweets directed at Pence’s @GovPenceIN Twitter handle began flowing earlier today and are expected to continue through the afternoon, according to Truth in American Education, the group that organized the “Twitter rally” and describes itself as a group of nonpartisan parents and citizens against federal intrusion in education.

“Our goal is to get (Pence’s) attention so he’ll be motivated to go back to Indiana and address the sloppy Common Core rebrand that was done there,” Shane Vander Hart wrote in a Truth in American Education blog post.

Some of the tweets Truth in American Education is that recommending people send include:

“Hoosier parents #DeserveBetter than junk standards thrown together instead of a real plan to #StopCommonCore” and “.@GovPenceIN your Common Core rebrand violates free market principles, your state #DeservesBetter.”

via Twitter campaign targets Gov. Pence on Common Core.

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