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donna_garner7.16.13 – Are you curious about what it was really like in Austin last week when the pro-life bills were being passed?  The following two accounts came from people who were there, and the stories they tell will make your skin crawl as you realize the type of pro-aborts who showed up (most from out of state and tied to Planned Parenthood) to try to intimidate and bully the pro-lifers. The vitriol of the leftist pro-aborts stands in direct contrast to the kind, loving, and prayerful actions of the pro-lifers.


These two accounts are short but very descriptive.  In the first account there are photos and videos that help to verify the outrageous behavior of the pro-aborts.  Both first-hand accounts document the fact that pro-lifers (both legislators and the public) were actually in fear for their safety but that God protected them through various means including the DPS Troopers who kept their own emotions in check in order to perform their duties.


We all need to  be grateful for those Texas Legislators, pro-life supporters, and the DPS Troopers who refused to back down under great pressure. — Donna Garner



7.15.13 – “How Pro-Lifers Beat the Pro-Abortion Mob in Texas: An Eyewitness Account” by Kristan Hawkins, Austin, Texas, LifeNews.com




7.15.13 – “First-Hand Account: What Was the Austin Capitol Like Last Week?” – by Candy Noble —



Donna Garner


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