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As Brian Mudd stated on the Mark Levin Show on 2.2.18, “There are two sides to every story but one side to every fact.”  


Mudd then went on to list the 30 FACTS found in the House Intelligence Committee’s memo (released on 2.2.18) that nobody in either political party can contest because they are documented FACTS  —   


The four-page memo ( is really only three pages of content once a person gets past the first introductory letter to the White House. I so appreciate the work of Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Trey Gowdy, and the other Republicans on the Committee who listened to thousands of hours of testimonies and read thousands of pages of documents to reduce the memo to three pages of verified FACTS for busy Americans to read. 


As expected, U. S. Rep. Adam Schiff and the other Democrats in the House have come out with their own memo; but it really does not matter what their “side” is because FACTS are FACTS; there are not two sides to FACTS.  


The latest facts are coming from the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Sen. Grassley. It seems that Christopher Steele (the British counter-intelligence spy who wrote the “salacious and unverified dossier” to destroy Trump) was deliberately leaking information to the mainstream media so that they could psychologically manipulate the American public.  We must remember that Steele was colluding with Russian sources who themselves wanted to disrupt America’s elections.


Not only was there a definite Russian connection among Hillary Clinton/Democrats/Steele and the dossier; but during the time Steele was building the fake dossier, close Clinton associates (e.g., Sydney Blumenthal) were “feeding” Steele lies about Trump to build into that dossier.  


It was not the Trump Team that was colluding with the Russians, it was Hillary and her Team.


Let’s see if I have this right:  


Hillary and company paid for the anti-Trump dossier and also dictated what Steele should include in it.


As revealed in the facts given in the 4-page memo released on 2.2.18, the FISA court never would have approved the surveillance of the Trump Team without the dossier.


Those DOJ/FBI officials did not tell the FISA court judge that the dossier had been bought and paid for by Hillary and company. If given that key piece of information, no FISA court judge would have approved such an obvious ploy by one political party (Democrats) to take down the candidate from the opposite political party (Republican Trump).


Even though it was British spy Christopher Steele (hired by Clinton and company) who was colluding with the Russians, Clinton and company (utilizing the mainstream media), “flipped” the story to convince Americans that is was Trump who was colluding with the Russians.  


After all, as Mark Levin pointed out last night on the Sean Hannity Show, Russia probably wanted Hillary to win because they could get everything they wanted from her.  It was she who gave the Russians uranium, who wanted America to cut its military spending, and who refused to secure our borders.











JAMES COMEY  – Director of FBI under Obama and Trump from 9.4.13 through 5.9.17 – in charge of investigating Hillary’s controversial e-mail server –overstepped his authority which is to investigate but not to make recommendations on prosecution – on 7.5.16 stated publicly that Hillary was not guilty of criminal charges even though the FBI found the following on her unsecured servers:


110 e-mails in 52 chains – Classified at the time

8 e-mails – Top Secret at the time

36 e-mails — Secret at the time

8 e-mails — Confidential at the time



ROBERT MUELLER – Director of FBI 2001 to 2013 (Bush, Obama) – appointed by Deputy Attorney General (DOJ) Rod Rosenstein in May 2017 to investigate alleged ties between Trump campaign and Russia during 2016 elections



ANDREW MC CABE  – Deputy Director of FBI under Obama and Trump (2.16 through 1.18) – became Acting Director of FBI under Trump from 5.9.17 to 8.2.17 after James Comey was dismissed  — McCabe’s wife Jill, a Democrat, ran for Virginia State Senate in 2015 and received $500,000 from a Hillary Clinton ally  – Andrew McCabe did not recuse himself from investigating Hillary’s use of private e-mail server – decided to take early retirement on 1.29.18



PETER STRZOK – joined FBI in 1990’s, worked in FBI’s counter-intelligence division — involved in investigation of Hillary’s e-mails, helped to draft FBI exoneration statement months before Hillary and associates were even questioned, purportedly changed wording from “grossly negligent”(a criminal offense) to “extremely careless” — in July 2017 became top FBI agent working for Robert Mueller on Trump/Russia investigation, sent multiple thousands of anti-Trump text messages to his mistress (Lisa Page, a trial attorney on Mueller’s team), interviewed Michael Flynn who was unjustly accused during Presidential transition period of meeting with Russian ambassador  



LISA PAGE – attorney with FBI’s Office of the General Counsel – had ongoing extramarital affair with Peter Strzok – exchanged multiple thousands of anti-Trump text messages (many of which were sent during office hours).



CHRISTOPHER WRAY  – Assistant Attorney General (DOJ) from 2003 to 2005, worked under Deputy Attorney General James Comey – nominated on 6.7.17 by Pres. Trump to be Director of FBI — sworn in by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in private ceremony on 8.2.17





JEFF SESSIONS  – U. S. Senator from Alabama from 1997 to 2017 – sworn in as U. S. Attorney General on 2.9.17 – is head of U. S. DOJ and is chief lawyer of United States government – among other duties supervises and directs the DOJ and FBI



ROD ROSENSTEIN – Present Deputy Attorney General (DOJ) under Attorney General Jeff Sessions – prior to current appointment was longest serving U. S. attorney — confirmed by Senate on 4.25.17 (preceded by Obama’s Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates) – appointed Robert Mueller to investigate alleged ties between Trump campaign and Russia during 2016 elections


BRUCE OHR – was U. S. Associate Deputy Attorney General (DOJ) until 12.6.17 when was demoted  — worked four doors down from his boss, Dep. Attorney Gen. Rod Rosenstein – Ohr remained in close contact with Christopher Steele (author of Trump/Russia dossier) both before and after Steele was terminated by FBI as a source – Nellie Ohr, Bruce’s wife, worked at Fusion GPS to do opposition research on Trump – Fusion GPS commissioned Steele’s Trump/Russia dossier







2.5.18 – Please watch Sean Hannity’s interview with Mark Levin as he explains who the “players” are in the DOJ/FBI and how Obama and his White House circle had to be a part of this cabal:







2.2.18 – 11:34 A. M. – #MEMO RELEASED – by Donna Garner – —

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