The Two-Word Problem With Betsy DeVos: Common Core

Feb 7, 2017 by

This is the real reason her nomination as education secretary should be rejected.

The media are engaging in an almost Orwellian misrepresentation of the real reason why Betsy DeVos should not be confirmed as the head of the Department of Education.

So, what’s new?

It isn’t the leftists who represent the opposition to DeVos, with their love of teachers unions, national programs and highly detailed schematic plans for a centralized one-communist-shoe-fits-all approach to “educating” our youth.

No, it is her longtime, definable and indefensible support and promotion of Common Core that is the real reason why she should be denied this appointment.

While she came out against Common Core after her nomination, many of us are not fooled.

A more studied analysis of this incongruity, from DeVos’ home state of Michigan, can be found here.

In summary, first of all, the Department of Education in and of itself is antithetical to the honorable campaign promise of our newly elected President Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again.”

Trump has said it himself, in so many words, that the ownership of the education of a free people and their children should be returned to its rightful place, found at the local level within communities across America.

This is not to say there should not be some sort of conformity in curriculum. We all need a sound education in the now old-school phraseology called the Three R’s — reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic (how clever; how quaint).

But more than that, Americans need a sound education in American history — the stuff of which the left seems to hold with derision and distrust — as if someone else, in some far-off land, in an unknowable place and time, established, founded and created the greatest experiment in representative self-government known to mankind. That happened only in America, and it is high time that Americans of all ages understand and celebrate, into perpetuity, the foundations of this great nation.

With DeVos’ nomination facing strong opposition, there might be an opportunity for the president to get a do-over.

If so, and if he wants to truly honor Michigan for “turning red” in November, he should nominate an icon from that state whom he considered in November before choosing DeVos. Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, would be an excellent choice to lead the Department of Education, if only to “lead” the entire department and its failed nationalistic plan most recently called Common Core into the dustbin of really bad ideas.

Source: The Two-Word Problem With Betsy DeVos: Common Core

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