U. game development program creating more than entertainment

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SALT LAKE CITY — Faced with more than 100 program options across the U.S., Kenny Green said winnowing his top choice for pursuing a graduate degree in video game development was a fairly simple process.

“The University of Utah program was No. 1 in the country,” he said. “So I applied.”

Now, Green is on the verge of completing his studies at the U.’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Master Game Studio program and looking forward to working in the professional game development world. He already has applications out to several Utah-based game studios.

And Green is well-prepared for what lies ahead for him, said professor Robert Kessler, the program’s founder and executive director.

“The gaming industry is very popular, with lots of interest from young people who have a very high passion for games,” Kessler said. “We work very hard to ensure that our students stand out from everyone else.”

That, he said, starts with a curriculum that reflects the conditions students will be facing in the real world of game development.

To learn more about the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program and Gapp Lab, visit eae.utah.edu.

Source: U. game development program creating more than entertainment | Deseret News

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