U.N. Will Hold Summit To Fight Warming But Not To Defeat Terrorism

Nov 29, 2015 by

Priorities: The Paris climate summit begins Monday amid demands that something be done about the warming “threat.” Yet a more serious danger — Islamic terrorism — gets no similar conference of its own. This is madness.

The United Nations can turn out the people when it wants to. As many as 40,000 are expected for the 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will run through Dec. 11.

There will be more than 190 nations represented, and at least 140 national leaders will attend, all sounding important but none doing anything of real substance.

But that’s the point. These summits are for show. Every speaker, presenter and expert in Paris will expound endlessly on the evils of climate change, and they will all agree that the problem cannot be ignored.

Too bad the U.N. can’t work up the same sort of exuberantly hyped, large-scale conference to create a committed and serious-minded coalition that will snuff out terrorism.

We understand, though. That would require hard work and genuine dedication.

Fighting global warming is easy, though. It’s not a real enemy. It didn’t kill and maim hundreds in Paris earlier this month.

No one knows, nor will ever know, if man-made climate change even exists outside of imaginative thinking and flawed computer models. So no one can ever know if it’s defeated or not.

But climate change is a handy windmill for leaders to tilt against. Their sincere opposition to it makes them look, they think, like heavyweight statesmen and global superstars seeking a solution.

This also happens on the national stage. Fred Barnes has observed in the Weekly Standard that “President Obama and Democrats can’t stop talking about” climate change. Obama has even called the Paris global warming summit “a powerful rebuke to the terrorists” because they will see the world stand “as one.”

Could a president have ever uttered a more cynical statement than that? It has to be an effort to intentionally mislead and obscure, because no one could truly believe those words.

Yet the political left yearns to hear them, and Democrats happily supply them. Meanwhile, a real threat that has killed thousands of innocents and threatens to kill thousands more gets no U.N. summit.

Yes, we’ve heard that climate change causes terrorism. No, we don’t believe that is anywhere near reality.

The Paris climate summit does not serve the dual purpose of fighting both global warming and terrorism. It’s primary purpose is to provide presidents, prime ministers, premiers and thousands of global bureaucrats with a forum to pretend that they’re doing something.

The meeting is a vehicle, as well, for those who spend the rest of the year using the global warming scare as a weapon to destroy capitalism and install a new economic system across the world.

Worse, leaders from nations that are prosperous thanks to capitalism aid the destroyers by perpetuating the man-made global warming narrative. If only they’d pursue terrorists with the same vigor.

Source: U.N. Will Hold Summit To Fight Warming But Not To Defeat Terrorism – Investors.com

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