U. S. House and Senate Vote To Accept Arizona’s Illegal Certification of Electoral Votes

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“U. S. House and Senate Vote To Accept Arizona’s Illegal Certification of Electoral Votes”

By Donna Garner


Around 11:00 P. M. on 1.6.21, the House of Representatives voted to accept Arizona’s slate of electoral votes, 303-121.  I do not yet have the roll call vote for the House of Representatives. Hopefully it will soon be posted publicly.

In the Senate about 8:00 P. M. on 1.6.21, the vote to ratify the illegal certification in Arizona was passed 93 to 6.  

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, voted to certify the Arizona Electoral College results. Senators Loeffler, Daines, and Lankford said earlier in the day that they wanted to take their names off the list of lawmakers who were objecting to the electoral votes in the disputed states.  

These are the six courageous patriot Senators who voted against ratifying the illegal Arizona certification:


Rudy Giuliani said tonight in an interview that four state legislatures had submitted their requests to VP Mike Pence in writing before 1.6.21, asking him to send back their certifications so that forensic audits could be done. All VP Pence had to do today was to abide by their request and to send those certifications back to the states.  No actual forensic audits have been done in these states.  Giuliani said that history would forever document that VP Mike Pence had refused these four state legislatures’ requests to uncover election rigging, allowing the graft and corruption to go unpunished.  


To view a table that shows the certification of electoral votes for each state starting on 1.6.21, please go to:  https://ballotpedia.org/Certification_of_electoral_votes_(January_6-7,_2021)

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