U. S. — Normal Death Rate vs. COVID

Jul 10, 2020 by

“U. S. — Normal Death Rate vs. COVID”

By Donna Garner


Just to put COVID-19 deaths in perspective, do you know how many people typically die in the United States per day

Total deaths from all causes – 7,564 deaths per day in the United States

Data taken from this source:  https://www.visualcapitalist.com/how-many-people-die-each-day/


“In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 resident deaths were registered in the United States…”

This would be 7,779 total deaths each day in the United States.  

Data taken from this source:  https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db355.htm


So far, the United States has had 135,838 total deaths from COVID-19.  That would be 742 deaths per day in the U. S. from COVID-19 (calculated per half the year).

Data taken from this source:  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


We cannot let the fear of COVID take over our lives. Death is a natural progression of life. We all will die at some time. It might be from COVID, but the chances are far greater that we will die from some other cause.  

Let’s not allow the fearmongers to destroy our families, our businesses, our churches, our schools, our economy, and the institutions upon which our exceptional nation is built.

By using our common sense based upon factual medical and scientific facts, we need to go about our lives with the calm assurance that God is our true source of strength.  We need to be out helping and engaging with other people rather than being locked away in our homes, fearful that we may die in the next minute from COVID.  Let’s take just one positive step forward today and break the cycle of fear that has so many people in its grip.  

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  1. Avatar
    Paul Scott

    We just had a record number of hospitalizations today in the US.
    Why should front line workers give a shit about your life if you don’t?
    I think they should go on strike right now and let all you MAGA followers keep denying that anything at all is going on.
    There are field hospitals and refrigerated death trucks set up outside hospitals but its all a hoax.
    Australia just went 20 days without a single case of covid while we had over 2000 deaths from covid…. but it is all a hoax.
    Wake up!

  2. Avatar

    I guess “only” 742 deaths per day from COVID is acceptable to you, and “oh well” everybody has to die sometime. OK, let’s make sure YOUR family is included in that number…but, not MINE, ok? Even one death from this is too many if it’s one of your family members, your husband, wife, kids, grandmother, mother, father…especially if it could have been avoided! So, when you yell about wearing a mask or your liberty being taken away, really think about it. Are your spouses or kids really that expendable? You aren’t being forced to do anything, and there is no reason we can’t put up a fight against a virus we know little about and still keep the country up and running. I can’t understand why YOU don’t get it

    • Avatar
      Jack Cross

      Susan, you got it wrong, simply apply the same standard you and almost every other American applies every day in our lives. Its calles, Risks Vs. Benefits and its what we do every day when we drive, fly or other activities, we know the risks then we decide the benefits outweigh the risk.
      All Ms. Garner is saying is that the benefits of carrying out our lives in a more normal way outweigh destroying our families, our businesses, our churches, our schools, our economy, and the institutions upon which our exceptional nation is built.
      That is a reasonable approach especially when it is near zero for any kid to die or even be hospitalized from Covid-19 and 99.8 % healthy people survive.
      Given that over 2,000 youth die in auto accidents and none die from covid – 19, if making a decision, between driving and not working and locked down, I sure would not choose driving.
      Finally, we are in a do or die political year where who is elected will push two different Americas. If you haven’t noticed that the Democrats have done everything in their power to get rid of Trump. They even have told us that they are not going to stop. Knowing that, how can anyone not realize that this virus is also being used to gain a political advantage?

    • Avatar
      John doe

      You’re being lied to and manipulated. But if you want to by into this ridiculous hoax, that entirely up to you.

  3. Avatar
    Roger Johnson

    I keep hearing that corners or treating accidental deaths and other deaths as Covid.
    In Michigan one family said their son was killed in a motorcycle accident in the corner listed it as Covid. I also understand a hospital gets $11,000 per Covid death from the federal government. Is that true?

  4. Avatar

    “Let’s not allow the fearmongers to destroy our families, our businesses, our churches, our schools, our economy, and the institutions upon which our exceptional nation is built.”

    EXACTLY! Thank you, Donna. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why people don’t get that. How can we destroy our entire nation, our businesses, churches, and families for fear of a virus that is not even a very virile one at that!?

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