U.S. on verge of ‘digital experience addiction epidemic,’ professor warns

Oct 15, 2019 by

Consumers are addicted to digital experiences,’ scholar says.

Americans are on the brink of a “digital experience addiction epidemic,” according to a recent analysis done by Professor Pierre Berthon of Bentley University, who warns “we are addicted to our digital devices—or, more precisely, the digital experiences they enable.”

“Addictive De-Vices: A Public Policy Analysis of Sources and Solutions to Digital Addiction,” published in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, warns America is “in the early stages of what is likely to become a digital experience addiction epidemic.”

That encompasses cell phone apps, video games, social media platforms — the “entire ecology of digital devices, media platforms and content,” the professor said in an email interview with The College Fix last week.

Berthon, an information design professor, described digital addiction as the compulsive and detrimental over-use of digital devices such as cell phones and computers and associated social media, online games, dating apps, and other digital experiences.

The average teenager spends approximately nine hours a day on a digital device, while adults spend two hours a day on social media and five hours a day on their smartphones, according to the analysis.

Source: U.S. on verge of ‘digital experience addiction epidemic,’ professor warns | The College Fix

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