U. S. Senate Cartel Passes Budget Deal

Oct 30, 2015 by

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“U. S. Senate Cartel Passes Budget Deal”

By Donna Garner



During the wee hours last night, the U. S. Senate under Mitch McConnell passed the budget deal 64 to 35.  (The House passed the budget deal on 10.28.15 by a vote of 266 – 167.)


Obama and Harry Reid must be totally ecstatic because no legitimate reductions in spending were considered, the government can continue to borrow money through the rest of Obama’s term in office, and federal spending can increase by more than $80 Billion.   


Tex. Sen Ted Cruz, who helped force the last government shutdown in 2013, said the deal gives Obama a “diamond-encrusted, glow-in-the-dark AmEx card.”

“And it has a special feature…The President gets to spend it now, and they don’t even send him the bill. They send the bill to your kids and my kids. It’s a pretty nifty card. You don’t have to pay for it. You get to spend it and it’s somebody else’s problem.”

Sen. Cruz stated, “It is difficult to find a better illustration of the Washington cartel than the charade we are engaged in…”


Even though the deal is supposed to result in net deficit cuts by approximately $35 billion in 2025, Cruz stated on the Senate floor, “Nobody in this chamber believes that. Nobody in the House of Representatives believes that. No member of the press believes that. Everybody understands this is a lie. It is an agreed-to lie by everyone.”


Cruz stated that the vote insures Senate Republicans will have no fiscal fight and will increase the debt ceiling until after Obama leaves office.  


Cruz said, “Obama will never have to worry about it again…It says to the president, you can add whatever debt you like for the remainder of the term with no constraint from this body.”


Regarding Sen. McConnell, Sen. Cruz stated he is “the most effective Democratic leader we’ve seen in modern times.”


Sen. Ted Cruz  (R- TX) voted against the deal.  Sen. John Cornyn (R – TX) voted for it.



Please see the Senate roll call vote according to The Daily Signalhttp://dailysignal.com/2015/10/30/see-how-your-senator-voted-on-the-boehner-obama-budget-deal/



Please see the House roll call vote according to The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015/10/28/us/ap-us-house-rollcall-budget.html?_r=0




Donna Garner


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