U.S. standards limit Mass. students

Jan 1, 2018 by

Robert Holland –

The year just ended turned up some classic nuggets of nonwisdom on the subject of education. However my favorite came from state Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Lexington).

Responding to mounting evidence of the Bay State’s decline in K–12 student achievement since replacing its own standards with the Common Core nationalized blueprint, Barrett said: “It’s crazy to think that people in Massachusetts should learn more and better content than people in Mississippi. That’s no way to make sure that tide lifts all boats in America.”

In other words, dumbing down education is fine when it yields social leveling.

Of course, the progressive ideal ignores lots of realities. One is that the children who benefit from high standards — such as those Massachusetts developed after its 1993 education reforms signed into law by then-Republican Gov. William Weld — are by no means all kids from privileged homes. Indeed, some come from disadvantaged backgrounds and began to bloom intellectually only after schools raised expectations for them. Leveling hurts them, too.

Source: Holland: U.S. standards limit Mass. students | Boston Herald

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