U. T. Regent Wallace Hall Being Hung out To Dry by Straus and Show Trial Panel

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“U. T. Regent Wallace Hall Being Hung out To Dry by Straus and Show Trial Panel”

By Donna Garner

[8.13.14 – Donna Garner’s opinion: Left-leaning, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is trying to provide “cover” for his fellow House members who have been caught red-handed by U. T. Regent Wallace Hall of admissions favoritism for their children and friends to the U. T. Law School. 


Joe Straus, working with henchman Rep. Dan Flynn, is bullying and intimidating Hall with the long-term intent to scare regents throughout Texas into silence so that they will not investigate corruption involving the Texas Legislature.


U. T. Regent Wallace Hall chose not to testify before the Panel unless he had the legal protection of a subpoena; and the Panel refused to grant Hall that request.


Rep. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) is the only House panel member who voted against the censure of U. T. Regent Wallace Hall because Perry recognized how unfair it was for the Panel not to grant the subpoena so that Hall could have been allowed to present his evidence of legislative-insider corruption.  


Wallace Hall is also being investigated by the Travis County D. A’s office which is known to be one of the most corrupt D. A.’s offices in Texas.


Put this down for future reference:  House Members Joe Straus, Dan Flynn, Lyle Larson, Four Price, Carol Alvarado, Naomi Gonzalez, Eric Johnson, Trey Martinez – NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

8.13.14 – Austin American-Statesman




Posted: 9:21 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014


“For the record: statements by 3 UT regents” 

August 4, 2014

By Ralph K.M. Haurwitz


Excerpts from this article:


In censuring a University of Texas System regent this week, a House panel also sought a degree of closure. That’s not happening, as this story explains.


For the record, here are the full statements of the embattled regent, Wallace L. Hall Jr., and of regents’ Chairman Paul Foster and the former chairman, Regent Gene Hall, in response to the 28-page “censure and admonishment” by the Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations.




The committee’s findings are based on distortions, untruths, and intentional misrepresentations. Speaker Straus and his committee have abused the public’s trust and money to cover up their improper interference in System operations, including to defend a university president who was repeatedly asked to leave.


Intimidation of non-paid public servants by an “experimental” committee should not be tolerated by the public, the media, or other Texas officials. This is especially true when the effort is intended to interfere in the performance of duties that are required by law and the Texas Constitution.


If committee members wanted the truth about abuses in the UT System, they would have provided a subpoena that would enable me to answer their questions fully. Instead, they chose to not subpoena me so I could not answer the only questions that matter





As Chairman of the UT System Board of Regents, I must respond to the motion adopted today by the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations.


While I respect the weighty responsibility and authority of the Select Committee, I must disagree strongly with certain findings, conclusions and actions found in the committee’s motion.


To our knowledge, no action taken by the Board or any individual member or by the Chancellor or System officials over the past few months has violated state law or any internal UT System rule or policyIndividual regents have broad authority under the Texas Education Code and UT System rules and policies to inquire about matters at the System and at our institutions, and each has exercised this authority within the established parameters


While I and others may not always concur with the style and methods employed by Regent Wallace Hall, I will affirm that he has always diligently worked to further what he sees as the best interests of the UT System.


The Board does not believe, however, that the extraordinary and unprecedented degree of legislative oversight set forth in the motion is justified or necessary. Nor do we believe it appropriate or fair that the costs of the work of the Select Committee, authorized by the House of Representatives alone, be imposed on the System





I am not surprised that the House Select Committee on Transparency refused today to recommend impeachment of Regent Wallace Hall.  The Current Chairman of the Board Paul Foster, Chancellor Cigarroa and I, as the former Chairman of the Board, have all stated repeatedly and publicly that Regent Hall has not broken any state or Federal law, nor has he broken any Regent’s rules.  All three of us have often observed that Regent Hall is one of the hardest working members of the Board.  In addition I have  expressed the opinion on numerous occasions that I do not believe Regent Hall has violated any reasonable measure of a Board member’s standard of conduct.


All the allegations against Regent Hall occurred during my tenure as Chairman of the Board of Regents.  During that thirty month period I always found Regent Hall to be a sincere, dedicated and hardworking public servant who was constantly looking out for our students’ wellbeing and the taxpayers’ interest in their institutions of higher education.  On the issue of Regent Hall’s personality, he has always been both sincere and polite in dealing with me, board members, the public, the press and the System staff.  While I have, at times, witnessed Regent Hall being blunt, direct and tenacious in his pursuit of the facts and the truth,  I have never observed him being rude nor impolite.  Regent Hall impresses me as what the public looks for in their public servants – an individual who is not impressed with the trappings of his position, but is dedicated to serving his constituents by asking  tough and often uncomfortable questions.


In reading the Motion of Admonishment and Censure I was astounded by the numerous incorrect, misleading and disingenuous statements that are included in the document


In the past when the Committee  made mistakes about the facts those errors were brought to the Committee’s attention.  However the Committee has chosen to use its own version of several fact sets and thus a significant number of the items discussed or outlined in the Motion are inaccurate


In conclusion, I am pleased that the Committee on Transparency  refused to impeach Regent Hall.  However I am disappointed that the Committee failed the public by not being more accurate and forthright in their Motion of Admonishment and Censure.




What Texas House members are on the Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations?  —http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/committee/?committee=465&session=83


5.12.14 – “Wall Street Journal Highlights Texas Legislature Cover-Up” –- by Michael Q. Sullivan — http://www.empowertexans.com/features/wsj-highlights-txlege-cover-up/


5.9.14 – “Flynn Weasels Out After Being Proven Wrong About Wallace Hall” – by Tony McDonald — Empower Texans — http://www.empowertexans.com/education/flynn-weasels-out-after-being-proven-wrong-about-wallace-hall/


4.23.14 – “UT Cover-Up?” – by Michael Q. Sullivan –  Empower Texans



4.16.14 – “The University of Texas Show Trial: A Research School Condemns Regent Research” – by Jon Cassidy — The American Spectator




Donna Garner


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