U-W graduate student declines to attend leftist ‘re-education’ sessions

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MADISON, Wis. – Jason Morgan is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin who simply wants to teach Japanese History, his academic specialty, to undergraduate students.

But the doctoral candidate recently learned that to become a teaching assistant, he would have to attend two diversity training sessions, according to a story published in The College Fix.

He attended the first, in which he claims he and other students were essentially called racists by the speaker. And he was told that the second session would involve learning about “trans students” and the need to ask them how they wish to be addressed (he/her/trans).

Morgan wrote that some of the materials in diversity training actually referred to the sessions as “re-education.”

Isn’t that something they do at those horrible torture camps for political dissenters in China and North Korea?

That was more than enough for Morgan, who sent a letter to a professor who is also his supervisor, objecting to the tone of the first session and declining to attend the second.

Of the first session he wrote, “The overwhelming presumption … was that the people whom the History Department has chosen to employ as teaching assistants are probably racists. In true ‘diversity’ style, the language in which the presentation was couched was marbled with words like ‘inclusive’ ‘respect’ and ‘justice.’ But the tone was unmistakably accusatory and radical.”

Attendees were provided with handouts that made statements like “As white infants we were fed a pabulum of racist propaganda” and “racism continues in the name of all white people,” according to Morgan’s letter.

“…The implication of the entire session was that everyone was suspect, and everyone had some explaining to do,” Morgan wrote. “I am to understand that this is how the white people who work in this Department are viewed? If so, I cannot help but wonder why in the world the Department hired any of us in the first place. Would not anyone be better?”

Regarding the second session, focused on transgender students, Morgan wrote, “It is most certainly not my job, though, to cheer along anyone, student or otherwise, in their psychological confusion. I am not in graduate school to encourage poor souls in their sexual experimentation, nor am I receiving generous stipends of taxpayer monies … to play along with fantasies or accommodate public cross-dressing.

“Everyone is welcome in my classroom, but, whether directly or indirectly, I will not implicate myself in my students’ fetishes, whatever those might be. What they do on their own time is their own business; I will not be a party to it. I am exercising my right here to say ‘enough is enough.’”

Three cheers for Morgan for standing up to the politically correct crowd that dominates American public universities.

The freaky liberals who run these academic departments have a right to believe all white Americans are racists if they choose. But students should not be forced to accept those beliefs, or sit through sessions where they are told they are horrible for being white, or for lacking compassion for people with gender identity issues.

Morgan should have the right to be a student and a teaching assistant without having to play the “social justice” game that his professors are so obsessed with. If he is punished or penalized in any way for his refusal to be “re-educated,” the governor and state legislature should take immediate action to replace the leadership of the university.

The freaky professors may need to be reminded every so often who pays for their ivory towers. The university is not their private fiefdom, and they have no right to use it to impose their political and social theories on tuition-paying students.

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