UC Berkeley Student Glamorizes Orgies In Daily Californian Column

Oct 9, 2013 by

Why have casual, meaningless sex with just one person at a time, when you can have casual, meaningless sex with two or three people at a time?

That’s the gist of a student column penned Tuesday in UC Berkeley’s Daily Californian campus newspaper.

“How I Came To Love Group Sex” is the headline of the opinion column, an op-ed that glamorized and espoused orgies. Student Vi Nguyen explains how one day she had sex with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend, and how that parlayed into regular trysts with groups of three or more.

Maybe that first couple of threesomes really set the mood or something, but nearly all the sex I had in the following months was in groups of three or more. The starts of such romps were sometimes awkward, sometimes not, but they had one theme in common: their focus on casual good times. None of my experiences materialized as the lustful throng of body parts that I had previously stereotyped orgies to be — my partners and I just wanted a playful romp.”

Nguyen argues the more the merrier:

“Getting into the sharing groove of three is a distinct departure from the single-mindedness of having just one partner. When I wasn’t being stimulated, I found a way to incorporate myself in the romp, enhancing my friend and her boyfriend’s experience in some way or form; in turn, I was never neglected for very long.”

She declares threesomes more fulfilling than casual hook-ups with just one person:

I have found that I cycle between periods of abstinence in which I tell myself to wait for someone I care about — having gotten tired of a string of loveless hook-ups — and subsequent periods of hedonistic lovefests after having gotten tired of waiting. But somehow, group sex doesn’t leave that sour taste in my mouth that casual hooking up often does. From my experience, there’s generally less emotional intensity and instead a focus on just having some lascivious feels and fun. Maybe it’s because things aren’t personal, but people feel calmer — it’s not about getting to the passionate pinnacle of orgasm.

This is a prime example of the if-it-feels-good-do-it hedonistic culture that runs rampant on college campuses.

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