UC Davis Chancellor Katehi steps down under pressure

Aug 10, 2016 by

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi resigned Tuesday, giving up on her months-long quest to save her job in the face of allegations of nepotism, misuse of student funds and lying about her involvement in hiring firms to bolster her online reputation and the university’s.

Her resignation came as UC officials released the results of an investigation that largely cleared her of the most serious allegations but found she violated some university policies for filing travel expenses and serving on corporate boards. The investigation also found that Katehi had personally and repeatedly sought out ways to enhance her online reputation by hiring outside consultants, despite her claims to the contrary to UC President Janet Napolitano and to the media.

“The investigation is now concluded, and it found numerous instances where Chancellor Katehi was not candid, either with me, the press, or the public, that she exercised poor judgment, and violated multiple university policies,” Napolitano said. “In these circumstances, Chancellor Katehi has now offered to resign, and I have accepted that resignation.”

Katehi’s resignation marked the end of a seven-year tenure running one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. She is being allowed to remain at the school as a full-time faculty member, Napolitano said in a statement issued just before 1 p.m.

The stunning fall from power came two days before the UC Board of Regents was to hold a special meeting at UC San Diego to discuss a personnel matter involving the Davis campus – apparently to decide Katehi’s fate – and after weeks of pushback by Katehi’s lawyer and spokesman about the investigation and suggestions that a lawsuit may be in the works.

Source: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi steps down under pressure | The Sacramento Bee

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