UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano

Nov 16, 2017 by

University of California regents have strong words for UC President Janet Napolitano about her approval of a plan by her top aides to interfere in a state audit of her office’s operations and services.

Her approval of a plan in which campus chancellors and then the top members of her office staff would preview campus administrators’ confidential survey responses “reflected poor judgment and set in motion a course of conduct that the Board of Regents finds unacceptable,” board chairman George Kieffer said in a statement after the regents met behind closed doors for nearly five hours.

“Her decision and the then follow-on actions of her direct reports reflect negatively on the University of California community, which is committed to the highest ethical standards in furthering the University’s mission of teaching, research and public service.”


Source: UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano for approval of interference in state audit

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