UC should not dumb itself down by dropping the SAT

Nov 12, 2019 by

Studying really hard can earn you high grades, but it might not do much for you on the SAT. Colleges need to know who is both smart and studious.

To the editor: No normal kid likes the SAT. But all kids understand that there are really smart students and then there are really studious students. There is a difference between being smart and being studious, and thus we have the SAT and ACT. (“It’s time for UC to stop using the SAT,” Opinion, Nov. 7)

Of course, the wealthy kids have an advantage with tutors, but the state can remedy this discrepancy by mandating a class in SAT test prep for any student who wants to better understand the ins and outs of the exam. The state’s Department of Education should help less wealthy students with these tests now.

The SAT and ACT are needed. Too many studious students flunk out of the University of California system when they are faced with students who are a combination of very smart and very studious. Like it or not, dumbing down the UCs is not the answer.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda

Source: UC should not dumb itself down by dropping the SAT – Los Angeles Times

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