UK firms must learn to do without imported labour, warns Ofsted boss

Jul 22, 2016 by

Brexit is a chance for radical change in vocational training to meet needs of business, says schools inspectorate chief

British companies will need to start relying more on local workers rather than labour from eastern Europe, according to the chief inspector of schools, Michael Wilshaw.

Wilshaw said he would be urging politicians to seize “the opportunity that now suddenly presents itself to reorder our technical and vocational education system in a truly radical way” after last month’s EU referendum result.

“As the shockwaves continue to reverberate, few would doubt that one of the critical questions we face will be how we equip our young people with the skills the UK needs to survive and prosper in a post-Brexit world,” the Ofsted chief told a conference on technical education.

“As much as anything can be certain, businesses here will surely have to learn to rely less on imported workers from eastern Europe and elsewhere to plug existing skills gaps and much more on the homegrown population.”

Forecasts published before the referendum suggested that the UK economy would shrink if it exited the EU, partly as a result of the lack of skilled labour.

Source: UK firms must learn to do without imported labour, warns Ofsted boss | Education | The Guardian

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