UK’s Campaign To Stop Gambling Sites From Targeting Kids

Nov 15, 2019 by

It would be hard for anyone to say that kids just aren’t exposed to more these days. This is just one of the major downsides of technology. With the Internet and other technologies right at their fingertips, kids can go online and retrieve virtually anything that they want. All that aside, it looks like the UK is doing its part to limit what kids are exposed to. It has been well known for a while now that the country has been fighting and opposing gambling sites, but it looks like they finally have some legal backing.

Advertisers Prohibited From Targeting Kids

The UK has implemented new regulations that are aimed at introducing an extra layer of protection to ensure that kids below the age of 18 aren’t targeted by gambling sites. This means that no online gambling establishment licensed under the UK commission can legally air promotions to anyone under the age of 18. For gambling sites to comply with these rules, they will not be able to place ads on any section of any website that targets kids. Not only this, but these providers are also not allowed to place gambling ads on video games that are popular with kids. To go even one step further the commission also made it illegal for gambling sites to use actors or stars under the age of 25 on their advertisements.

Who Does This Effect?

When you sit down and look at things as a whole, you have to realize that these new regulations impact more than just online poker gambling sites. These regulations have potential ramifications for app developers, soccer stars, and social media influencers. When these new regulations take place, app developers will lose business and money because they won’t get creating as many ads, soccer stars and other celebrities that appear on these ads will be affected, and sites that host these ads are going to be affected. You can see that as a whole these new changes impact more than just online gambling sites.

Was This The Right Timing?

A lot of people are saying that this announcement came at the exact right now. For a long time now it seems like there has been a lot of concern about irresponsible gambling in the UK. It is no big secret that in the past, advertising regulators had already moved to ban ads that target underage gamblers. In fact, some ads were already denied because they were deemed too appealing for young children. All gambling establishments regulated under the UK commission will be required to comply and adhere to these new regulations by April 1st.

Similar Suits In Other Areas

It seems that the UK isn’t the only area looking to make moves on underage gambling. Australia just recently made some changes as well. They enacted similar regulations that banned unwanted gambling-related content before it even goes live. A non-profit organization that helps people with gambling-related problems and digital marketing in the UK developed an app that would catch and delete gambling ads that are deemed to be targeting underage children.

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