The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Kids Online

Oct 25, 2017 by

When we were growing up, the only enemies that used to face our lives originated from a physical world. The only weapons our enemies had needed a material point of contact to affect us. But our children are living in a different and besieged generation where the online and “virtual” world they interact with are is more dangerous than the physical one. After the advent of the Internet, our kids are facing unprecedented challenges that require proactive parental intervention. With this awareness in mind, we have composed this post to share ideas on how you can use a parental control app and other actionable tips to help you in securing your kids online.

Where is the problem?

Before proceeding, let us look at where the real problem lies since the Net itself is not evil. Here are some worrying stats that need to awaken your protective instinct and act proactively to keep your kids safe.

  • More than 40 percent of children admit that they have visited a pornographic site
  • One out 16 children is already exposed to hardcore online porn
  • One out 12 children discusses sex and shares sexual content online
  • One in every 25 kids has sent an indecent photo
  • 25 percent of children lie they are adults to open online accounts
  • One in every 20 kids has once planned to meet a stranger they “met” online
  • 30 percent of parents permit their children to browse the Net with minimal or zero supervision
  • 13 percent of second and third graders admit to have chatted with strangers on the Net
  • 11 percent of children are crafty enough to deactivate parental controls

Utilize Ad-Blocking Apps

With these disturbing figures, we now begin our journey to the remedial steps you need to take to protect your child when interacting with the Net. You can start by installing ad blockers on the family computer since most porn predators use disguised advents to lead users to their sites. By cutting off these ads, you will be reducing the chances of accessing sites that your child may not have known.

Browsing Anonymously

To keep your child safe, you can teach them how to browse using the “Incognito” mode or avoid using Google since it collects online visitors’ data every time they browse.

Enforce Training

Another way of complementing your parental control app is training. This approach is the most effective since many times kids fall prey to online attacks unknowingly. Therefore, talk to them concerning the tricks online attackers use to target their victims. For example, you ought to caution them to be careful not to engage in suspicious online “quizzes” that require them to input their personal information. This way, you will be preparing the kid to know how to navigate the Net as they grow up.

Set Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is another way of keeping your children safe on the Net. The reason is that you are the parent, and you have all the moral and sacred right to remain in charge of things as long as this boy or girl lives under your direct authority. For instance, when you find that your child is not complying with your rules, you can intervene and remove their internet privileges. Also, it is necessary to let the child know that they are not allowed to visit any site on the Net the way they want. With this consciousness, you can restrict the time they spend on the Internet by monitoring their use of the family computer. The best way to do this is to place it in a high traffic area of the house.

Parental Control Software

Lastly, you can use a parental control app to keep your child safe especially when you have entrusted them with a smartphone. A good app will allow you to track what your child is doing so that you can be in a better position to know where your child traverses when they are online. This way, you will be better placed to take all the necessary intervention steps to correct the situation.

Even though the Net is a great tool, there is a big danger of abuse if you allow your kids to access it without close and proper parental control. Given the degree of online attacks that are targeting children, be on the frontline and take proactive steps to protect them. We believe that this child safety tip  that we have shared in this guide, will help you play your protective role well.

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