UNC Palestine Society Bans ‘Journalist’ Rania Khalek for Supporting Syrian Dictator

Feb 28, 2017 by

The left eats its own.

By Lukas Mikelionis –

A University of North Carolina Palestine advocacy group has disinvited pro-Palestinian darling and self-proclaimed “independent journalist” Rania Khalek over taking the pro-Assad position in the Syrian civil war.

The group, UNC Students for Justice in Palestine, published a statement yesterday announcing that they will no longer host Khalek. “After receiving much feedback and after careful consideration, we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s event with Rania Khalek,” the statement read.

“We do not endorse nor reject her views on the Syrian civil war as they remain relatively unclear according to our members’ diverse opinions of Rania’s analyses,” the statement continued. “Although Rania was not going to speak about Syria, we understand the Syrian conflict is a contentious issue and the invitation was met with a lot of anger.”

The former editor of anti-Semitic Electronic Infantada site has been criticized by her fellow left wing propagandist-journalists over her sympathies towards the Assad regime in Syria, which has been accused of committing genocide. She often exonerates the regime of its crimes focusing instead on the conspiratorial wrongdoings of the United States and the European Union.

Back in September 2016, Khalek wrote for The Intercept, a site co-founded by Glen Greenwald, claiming sanctions against Syria by the U.S. and the EU will worsen the life of ordinary people in the country. Not a single time, however, did she mention the murder of at least 470,000 civilians by the regime of Bashar al Assad.

Khalek also complained that Lebanese people care more about Syria and ISIS rather than than Palestine and Israel.

A few months back, she wrote a story claiming the British government offered a journalist £17,000 a month to produce “propaganda for Syrian rebels. One problem: she based the story on one source and didn’t contact anyone else to validate the claims.

When not writing botched articles, she opts instead to attack a seven-year-old girl and her mother living in besieged Aleppo, the epicenter of the conflict in Syria. Khalek accused the girl of being a propaganda tool of Western governments for talking about a toot fairy. Khalek tweeted: “FYI there is no tooth fairy in our culture. This is a very strange line. The tooth fairy is a western thing.”

Khalek commented on Facebook about her disinvitation from the UNC. “I just want to say that I am not mad at the students. It isn’t their fault. They already deal with immense backlash from organizing for Palestine on campus.

“They shouldn’t have to face attacks from Syria trolls on top of that. This brings us to a broader problem in Palestine solidarity. The pro-intervention in Syria crowd has long tried to use the issue of Syria to split the Palestine solidarity movement. This tactic has already done a great deal of damage. I’m not sure what to do about it.”

Source: UNC Palestine Society Bans ‘Journalist’ Rania Khalek for Supporting Syrian Dictator | Heat Street

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