Unchain the Constitution, students demand

Aug 1, 2017 by

College ordered 3 arrested for handing out founding document

A lawyer is going into U.S. District Court in Michigan Tuesday to ask a judge to take down rules at Kellogg Community College that got three students arrested for handing out material the school apparently believes could cause trouble if not contained in a controlled setting.

And that material is the United States Constitution.

It’s a fight that’s erupted over and over on college campuses, and officials with the Alliance Defending Freedom would like to have a precedent that would finish the battle.

They are going to court on behalf of Young Americans for Liberty at Kellogg Community College and asking the court to strike the college’s practice of forbidding the distribution of Constitutions on campus.

Unless, of course, the distributing group applies for and obtains a permit to set up a table inside one of the buildings – and then waits for students to approach the table and ask for one.

“Like all public colleges, KCC is supposed to be ‘the marketplace of ideas,’ but instead, it arrested these club supporters for exercising their freedom of speech, and, ironically, for handing out copies of the very document – the Constitution – that protects what they were doing,” said ADF Legal Counsel Travis Barham. “Because public colleges have the duty to protect and promote the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, we are asking the court to prevent KCC from enforcing its unconstitutional policies while our lawsuit proceeds.”

Source: Unchain the Constitution, students demand

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