Understanding Comedo Suction Technology – The Best Treatment For Blackheads

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With modern technology revolutionizing, upgrading and improving all facets of healthcare, it was only a matter of time before the advancements changed the skin care industry as well! Skin care products are no longer restricted to the creams, balms and ointments of old. Modern devices, machines and tools are becoming better and more useful than ever before.

Electric tools and devices are all about convenience. To assume that they come in use only while treating complicated and severe issues, couldn’t be further from the truth. What makes skin care machines special, is their ability to treat and cure the simplest of skin conditions in no time at all!

Minor skin ailments are a tricky business. Some of them, like boils and sores, are small and barely noticeable yet cause acute pain and discomfort. Conversely, conditions like blackheads and pimples do not really cause pain but their tendency to pop up in the facial regions makes them highly visible and noticeable.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at a comparatively recent and very effective treatment method for the latter group of skin ailments – comedo suction technology. Used primarily for treating blackheads, this method is implemented with the help of devices known as blackhead remover vacuums or simply, electric blackhead removers.

What Are Blackheads?

Before we move onto the treatment method, let’s understand what blackheads are and what causes them.

Blackheads are black spots like bumps on the skin, which are identifiable by their distinct dark color that gives them their name. They occur when hair follicles and skin pores are blocked by excess oil produced by the body’s sebaceous glands, as well as dead skin cells shed by the body.

Blackheads are medically classified as a variety of acne, however, the main difference is that in the case of blackheads, there is no inflammation or pain. However, unlike pimples and boils, blackheads do not necessarily disappear over time and can even increase in size as the blockage increases.

What Is Comedo Suction Technology?

Traditionally, treating blackheads involves clearing the clogged pores by removing the blocking oils and dead skin. This can be done using natural face masks, exfoliating the skin, facial steaming and other natural remedies. The main drawback of these methods is the time factor.

Comedo suction technology is a modern and more importantly, much faster solution. The name is derived from comedo, which is the bump that forms the top of a blackhead. Comedo suction tools are electric devices that cure and prevent blackheads by extracting the clogged contents of a blackhead and are therefore also commonly referred to as electric blackhead extractor tools.

How Do Electric Blackhead Removers Work?

The functioning of pore suction tools is similar to vacuum cleaners. Blackhead removers come with detachable heads, which absorb the mix of dead skin and oil (known as sebum) that is blocking the hair follicles.

The secret tool here is ‘pressure’. Unlike other modern skin care devices, there is no laser or ultrasonic action involved. The devices simply apply pressure on the area surrounding the blackhead, which forces the sebum out!

Comedo suction tools are typically wireless, portable and battery-operated, which means they have to be charged before being used.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Electric Blackhead Removers?

The reason for the popularity of electric blackhead extractor tools is because of their effectiveness, efficiency and their overall benefit, which extends beyond just removing blackheads.

  • It is a non-invasive method, which means that extracting blackheads this way is largely painless and does not require the device to pierce the skin’s surface.
  • It is a fast and efficient method, usually two sessions is the most it will take to get rid of existing blackheads!
  • It is a convenient method. Using a comedo suction tool is remarkably simple. It doesn’t require you to heat water for a facial steaming session or make a face mask at home. Switch on the device and use, all it takes is a few minutes!
  • It is a comprehensive and complete skin care tool. Comedo suction tools are also fantastic for improving skin tone and texture as well as smoothing out wrinkles and tightening sagging, loose skin!
  • Blackhead removers are extremely safe and are thoroughly tested to meet safety standards.

The most important part of using a blackhead extractor tool is choosing the right device and making sure that you use it in the right way. Always purchase a brand new, high-quality device that is safety certified and carry out a quick skin test before using it for the first time!

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