Union calls Jewish school ‘immoral’ for giving it the boot

Aug 27, 2014 by

WYNNEWOOD, Pa. – The National Labor Relations Board has rejected a claim by the American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania that a private Jewish school engaged in unfair labor practices.

Perelman Jewish Day SchoolTeachers at the Perelman Jewish Day School had been represented by the AFT-PA, which is a rarity among private schools.

When the union contract ended in August, the board of directors decided to stop recognizing the union and its contract.

“Removing tenure and seniority will provide administrators with greater flexibility with recruiting new teachers, managing assignments of teachers to appropriate classrooms, and retaining and recognizing excellent teachers,” the board announced in an April statement.

The PFT filed a complaint with the NLRB, claiming teachers’ “labor rights” were violated.

The NRLB rejected the claim, writing it lacks jurisdiction over the situation. School leaders have previously said federal labor laws don’t apply to private schools.

Lisa Richman, the teacher union representative at Perelman, told the Jewish Exponent she was “surprised and saddened” to learn about the decision and that she was “tired” with the six-month battle between the union and school leaders.

But despite Richman’s claims, her union isn’t done trying to keep its compulsory dues payers.

“We will appeal the decision,” Ted Kirsch, president of AFT-PA tells the Exponent. “It’s still immoral and unethical for a Jewish school to do this — it’s just wrong.”

Despite the union saber rattling and attempt to retain control, the paper reports every teacher decided to stay.

“Perelman’s board and administration could not be more pleased that every eligible faculty member has now signed an individual employment agreement for the next school year, which will be the first year under our new administrative model,” Aaron Freiwald, a parent and board member, tells the news site. “Now our focus is moving forward and looking forward to even closer, more robust collaboration between administrators and our wonderful faculty.”

The new school leader, Judy Groner, pledges to address the retirement concerns of the teachers.

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