Union front group attacks Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ effort

Sep 18, 2013 by

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A union propaganda group known as the “Broader, Bolder Approach to Education” is criticizing President Obama’s Race to the Top reform initiative because it allegedly shifts funding away from programs for poor students.

The Broader, Bolder Approach to Education – a group that blames student poverty for the persistent achievement gap between different students – recently produced a report that aims to justify Big Labor’s “more money” perspective on public schools and vilify performance-driven reforms, the Christian Post reports.

Specifically, BBAE argues the competitive nature of President Obama’s RTTT program – which incentivized states to enact reforms for a shot at additional federal funding – is hurting poor students by diverting resources from programs.

BBAE, like the nation’s teachers unions, believes the problem with schools is funding related.

“As long as (federal and local education spending) remain underfunded, competitive funding will only exacerbate the gaps in federal funding should close. Second … RTTT funding hinges in large part on the intensive involvement of highly paid consultants. Access to federal education funds should not depend on whether a state, district, or school can afford a well-connected grant writer.

“(Federal funding) can support innovation in STEM and early education and better accomplish the administration’s goals for RTTT while avoiding the overhead and costly technical assistance associated with competition, and without exacerbating the system of haves and have-nots and widening achievement gaps,” according to passages of the report cited by the Christian Post.

We certainly disagree with BBAE’s perspective, and view it’s self-serving report as little more than propaganda aimed at pandering to a dwindling number of education stakeholders who continue to cling to the status quo. The report seems more like a puff piece designed to cheerlead the union’s “more money, more money” mantra, supported by carefully selected but very flimsy figures and phrases.

Others seemed to have come to the same conclusion.

Charles Barone, policy director for Democrats for Education Reform, described the BBAE report “junk science,” and called the group out in the Post for attempting to fool the public.

“The report … by the Broader, Bolder group shows the extent to which adults invested in blocking needed education reforms will go to defend their interests,” Barone told the Post. “This is intellectual dishonesty of the worst kind by very smart people who know better.”

Union front group attacks Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ effort – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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