Union ‘social justice’ posture goes out the window when power is threatened

May 20, 2013 by

LANSING, Mich.  – It’s often said that a person’s true colors show through in times of adversity.

That’s obviously true for groups, as well.

Such was the case last December, when Michigan became ground zero in the national fight over right-to-work laws.

Republican lawmakers moved quickly to introduce, debate and pass right-to-work legislation, giving little time for union forces to mount much legislative opposition.

Caught off guard, unionists crashed the state capitol and erupted in an angry protest. And in their anger they drew no distinctions between their political adversaries and innocent bystanders.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was punched in the face by a unionist and his story garnered a lot of media attention. Another incident failed to gain as much attention, but was perhaps even more outrageous.

From the Western Center for Journalism:


Clint Tarver, on the other hand, was on the sidelines of the event, simply doing his job when he became a victim of the violence. Tarver had been hired by the pro-right-to-work group Americans for Prosperity to serve hot dogs in a tent set up for the organization at this event.

Racial slurs were spouted at Tarver, who happens to be a black man, before his vending equipment and other property was overturned, trampled on, and destroyed. As he scrambled to try to salvage what he could of his property, a friend reportedly told him “You gotta get out of here.”

 It seems obvious that as the stirred-up protestors were looking for their next victim, he must have made for an easy target because he was perceived to be associated with AFP.

The fact that he was also a black man seems to have only fueled the fire of the attack, in that popular sentiment now tells us that black Americans who stand up for, or associate themselves with, conservative causes are somehow disloyal to their race (or, to quote a recent statement from a certain sports commentator, they are “not down with the cause.”)


Unions claim to have a “social justice” agenda with a careful eye toward improving conditions and opportunities for racial minorities.

At least that’s the mantra of union leaders who want to look good for the cameras, but rank-and-file members sometimes fail to practice what their leaders preach.

Fellow victims rallied to Tarver’s side and vowed to replace his equipment and supplies. They wouldn’t be intimidated by the thugs.

His total loss was about $400. Sympathetic activists raised over $33,500 in a matter of days to replace his equipment.

Union ‘social justice’ posture goes out the window when power is threatened – EAGnews.org :: Education Research, Reporting, Analysis and Commentary.

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