Unionists outraged over plan to reward good teachers with $5,000 stipends

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SANTA FE, N.M. – Gov. Susana Martinez’s plan to financially reward reputable teachers who transfer from a successful New Mexico school to a struggling one is causing outrage among  unionists who refuse to believe that some educators are simply better than others.

Martinez’s plan – which would also reward teachers who help students pass Advanced Placement tests – came under direct attack during a recent meeting of the Santa Fe school board, reports ABQJournal.com.

Teacher union leader Bernice Garcia Baca, who works in a poorly rated school, rejected the governor’s plan because it labels teachers and schools as “good” and “bad.”

“We’re doing the best anybody can,” Baca said, according to ABQJournal.com. “And to look at the teachers at my school, to look at my principal, to look at anybody at any of these schools that have a lower grade, and to think we are inferior is disgusting to me. It makes me so angry, I can’t even express it.”

School Board President Linda Trujillo agreed.

“I also think (the governor’s plan) is an insult. It’s a huge insult,” Trujillo said.

Unionists and their allies are flipping out over Martinez’s modest plan – which offers $5,000 stipends to a total of 400 qualified teachers – because it challenges their outdated and disproven belief that teachers are completely equal and interchangeable.

The underpinning philosophy of teacher unions is that educators are drone-like workers who must be treated and paid exactly the same. Any suggestion that some teachers are just more suited for the job, and thereby more effective at reaching students, sends the education establishment into a tailspin.

Perhaps the pro-union mindset explains why not a single Santa Fe teacher applied to the state for “transfer” stipend by the Sept. 17 deadline, according to ABQJournal.com.

What a shame. There are probably some clearly superior teachers out there who deserve the money and could have succeeded where so many others have failed.

Unionists outraged over plan to reward good teachers with $5,000 stipends – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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