Universities will be allowed to host extremist speakers – within limits

Jul 18, 2015 by

External speakers at campuses must share platform with opponents under compromise on government’s Prevent counter-extremism strategy

University campus meetings which give a platform to extremist speakers will only be allowed to go ahead if they are to be directly challenged by somebody with opposing views at the same event, under compromise counter-extremism proposals agreed by the government.

The new redrawn statutory duty on universities to prevent staff and students being drawn into terrorism no longer requires potential external speakers to provide a detailed script in advance for vetting but colleges will be able to insist that “high-risk” meetings do not take place without proper notice being given first.

The new official rules do spell out that meetings should be banned if there is any doubt that the risk of “drawing people into terrorism” cannot be “fully mitigated”.

The home secretary, Theresa May, also retains a power of last resort to issue a ministerial direction backed by contempt of court proceedings against universities that refuse to implement the new counter-extremism rules on external speakers.

They also make clear that university staff are expected to recognise the signs of radicalisation among their students such as changes of outlook and behaviour and to report them appropriately.

Source: Universities will be allowed to host extremist speakers – within limits | Education | The Guardian

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