Universities must do more for black students

Mar 31, 2019 by

Data shows wide variations in attainment levels in England while students with mental health issues are more likely to drop out

Universities in England have been warned they need to improve their treatment of students, after new data revealed stark gaps in achievement for black students and higher drop-out rates for students with mental health difficulties or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The figures released by the Office for Students, the higher education regulator for England, marks a shift towards a new focus on how students from different backgrounds cope with university life, what class of degree they emerge with and what they go on to do after graduating.

The five years of data collected by the OfS shows huge variations in how universities in England admit, retain and award degrees to their students based on their sex, economic background and ethnicity, with the figures showing especially wide gaps in attainment for black students compared with other ethnicities.

While overall white students were much more likely to be awarded first class or upper second class degrees than black students, the OfS’s data showed that at nearly half of universities in England the gap between the two groups soared to 20 percentage points or more.

Source: Universities must do more for black students, warns watchdog | Education | The Guardian

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